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by Tonya Dixon | July 15th, 2015

New Bee PicThe Bee Flawless Salon and Hair Boutique has a unique style and flair all its own. The upscale salon perfectly blends sophistication and community comradery. Moreover, the salon is simply an extension and true to form representation of owner and stylist, Mercedes Garrison. The Burlington, North Carolina native is serious about her craft. From the time she was a young girl doing hair for family and friends in her great grandmother’s salon, she automatically knew it was something she would be doing for the rest of her life. “I never envisioned myself doing anything else. It basically just fell into my hands,” Garrison says.

Since 2007, she has been making her mark across Burlington, Greensboro and Durham, gleaning from many salons along the way. The result is the excellence of Bee Flawless Salon. It’s not that Garrison set out to make a name for herself or even to become an owner, but when the ball started rolling she made sure to make her salon completely her own. “I’ve worked with many people so I’ve just developed a feel of what I would do differently. I took a little bit from all the salons I worked at and brought it all here under my vision and what I want to do.”

Bee Flawless is a full service salon that provides for every hair, nail and makeup need. Whether clients are relaxed or natural, desire blowouts, cuts, color, extensions or need treatments, Bee Flawless has a team of licensed, fully qualified and experienced stylists available to meet and exceed those needs. Bee Flawless ‘s natural hair stylist, Deanna, specializes in Box Braids, Senegalese Twist, Marly Twist, Cherokee Braids and Crochet styles. Their nail technician Ebony offers manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements, and gel nails. Additionally she has numerous options for designs such as Swarovski Crystals, 3D Art, Inlay Art and Creative Flat Paint Art.

Each client receives a complete consultation before being serviced. Garrison jokes she practically asks a million questions before the customer even comes in, so they will know how to properly serve and treat their hair. She specializes in helping her clients maintain overall healthy hair as well as different weaving techniques, cuts and coloring, which all are perfect complements to the fact that the salon is also a hair boutique, selling virgin hair directly to the customer. It’s an option that Garrison knew would provide her customers with greater flexibility and styling alternatives. Clients can rest assured that Bee Flawless Hair is grade 6A, chemical free, unprocessed, and 100% pure virgin.

“Many people are ordering their own hair online, which is fine, but often times they are ordering what they think is virgin hair only to find out that it’s virgin remy or blended hair,” Garrison says. “It may not be completely virgin, then [the client] mentions that it’s cheaper, but I believe you get what you pay for. [Our hair] comes from younger donors, which means the hair hasn’t been through as much damage, like sun damage or effects from medication.”

Clients can rest assured that Garrison has put in all the hard work and guess work. When it comes to knowing hair and hair types she is painfully aware of what’s real and what’s not. She admits it took a bit of trial and error as well as a significant loss of a couple thousand dollars before she got it right. Now that all the kinks have been ironed out she stays fully stocked with every texture including Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian straight, body wave and deep wave. The hair comes in its natural state and varying lengths, but can be custom colored, cut and treated for a personal match. For extra convenience clients are able to view the hair, different textures and wave patterns as well as purchase hair completely online.

Every aspect of Bee Flawless is designed and managed with the client in mind. Shelves are always stocked with recommended products from Influance and Design Essentials. Customer wait times are consistently short and waiting areas are never crowded, loud or unkempt. It’s the little things that Garrison knows make a huge difference and could determine whether a client returns. She says she never wanted her salon to be included among the ones that people spoke negatively about.

“I believe what sets this salon apart is relationship; the relationship I have with my clients as well as the relationships the other stylists have with their clients. I’ve always been personable and attentive,” Garrison says. “I try to talk to the stylists about not having long wait times and making sure to keep up with their clientele. Advertising is also important. We send monthly e-mails out that include specials, hair tips and more. Our environment is different and we don’t over book.”

In addition to offering clients the ability to book online via the Be Flawless website, Garrison uses a POS (point of sale) system for payments, record-keeping and client contact information. It’s just another aspect of the salon that makes it stand out from the crowd.

While Garrison wants her clients to be satisfied and anxiously anticipate their Bee Flawless salon experience, she is also just as interested in making a profound difference in the quality of their lives. In the near future she hopes to use the salon as a springboard for a nonprofit to help cancer patients’ deal with hair loss.

Visit Be Flawless online at and via Facebook and Instagram and book your appointment so you can Bee Flawless.

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