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by Terry Watson | July 11th, 2013
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Photo by Sean Vestal

Bespoke Alfa became a part of the ALFA family at the end of 2012. Lead by Boris and Patrick Kodjoe, the World of ALFA stands for ‘Affordable Luxury for All’. As the voice of Bespoke Alfa, Sean Vestal provides custom-tailored clothing at a fraction of the normal cost to have a such service.
Most people aren’t aware of the options they have for custom clothing and see it as unaffordable. Bespoke is hoping to change that mindset by providing clothing that fits your budget and keeps you looking sharp. The typical cost for someone to have custom tailored suit can be in the neighborhood of $3,000. A custom tailored shirt can cost at least $180. Vestal says Bespoke offers equal craftsmanship and quality while meeting the needs of its clients.

The combination of efficient, cost effective custom handcrafting and non-traditional distribution methods, along with their avoidance of expenditures for big advertising campaigns, Alfa is able to offer outstanding quality at universally affordable prices. While most big brands produce in selected regions to increase cost effectiveness, they also have to mark up the prices to make up for store distribution costs and advertising/marketing campaigns. Alfa passes the savings to the customer. “Our unique internal infrastructure is the key to the Alfa revolution,” Vestal explains.

Some of their products include custom tailored, handcrafted men’s and women’s suits, custom tailored, handcrafted men’s and women’s shirts and blouses as well as custom tailored jeans. “We offer these things in virtually unlimited style choice elements, and in a variety of fabrics,” he says. With shirts, one can customize not only fit and fabric, but also cuff and collar style, button color, fabric color and more.

Alfa takes pride in making people look their best, while maintaining their individuality. “When you look good, you feel good,” says Vestal. ALFA clothing can be tailored for all sizes, shapes and styles. NBA superstars Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith have worn suits designed by Alfa. Their products have also been featured on BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood and Rip the Runway 2013.

All design configuration options are included in the price. The fabric is the sole determining factor in the price of your product, all design element choices and options (collars, cuffs, button color, contrast fabrics and everything else) are included in the revolutionary price. Personalization is an integral part of custom-tailoring, and it’s also provided at no additional cost. They use fabrics from controlled external woven fabric suppliers. For detailed fabric descriptions and high-resolution fabric images, please refer to their fabrics section on their interactive 3D product design pages online.

The high quality of their fabrics is common for products in far higher price ranges. Their White Alfa, along with the Color Alfa fabrics ($39, $49) are 70 single Poplin with a thread count of 300 (70×70/190×110 construction). The Executive- Prestige- and Legacy fabrics ($59, $69, $79) are Egyptian cotton Twill/2 ply (80 double/150×110 construction) and Egyptian compact poplin (70 single/190/110 construction). All of their fabrics are pre-shrunk and come with a Universal Eco Standard finishing. For suits, their aim is to offer high quality wools and wool blends that are easily manageable and can be worn comfortably throughout the year.

Currently, their solid color collection is comprised of worsted wool/microfiber blend 80 double thread count (fabric weight per square meter is 265 grams). In their patterned and striped fabric collection, we offer worsted wools with a minor microfiber component and the same weight (265 grams). The microfiber in our fabrics lends the respective fabrics a unique durable drape and reduced susceptibility to wrinkles, and coupled with our fabrics’ luxurious finishing, it ensures comfortable wear all year around in most climates.

Moving forward Alfa intends to open a brick and mortar storefront in the next few years. This will give customers an alternate opportunity to see what Bespoke Alfa has to offer. In the meantime, clients are encouraged to visit their website at a

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