Betsy Rodriguez

by Terry Watson | January 23rd, 2020
Betsy Rodriguez (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Betsy Rodriguez (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

The KinderMission Foundation, which is led by Betsy Rodriguez has set its sights on enhancing the quality of lives of others in within its community. Of the various projects, KinderMission Foundation expects its newest addition, PropertyMission, to be in full swing by 2020 and is seeking Participants and Supporters. The motto for the program is “Purchase with a Purpose”. Its goal is to allow each person who is involved to play a role in giving back to KinderMission Foundation.

The mission statement for KinderMission Foundation is to foster a safe and empowering environment for children and their families to excel through quality childcare.

Programs offered by the Foundation are the Bridging the Gap Scholarship, a scholarship program that provides child care scholarships for families that cannot afford the full price of childcare. In order to receive the scholarship, parents agree to go through The MoneyMission Program and learn how to manage finances to eventually outgrow the program.

The MoneyMission Program provides financial literacy classes to families and teachers and the mission is to break the strongholds of poverty and the benefit dependent mentality. The financial literacy classes will equip families and teachers with resources on how to budget, maintain and or repair credit through a credit repair service that is offered, and how to achieve the goal of homeownership, and most importantly how to sustain once they reach their goals and not become dependent on the social services benefit system. The ultimate goal of the program is to prepare them for the PropertyMission Program.

The PropertyMission is a program that is will assist families find a property that will provide stability and wealth for the families. It is also a fundraising mechanism because 30% of the commission will be donated to The Bridging the Gap Scholarship Program.

Betsy says her goal is to bring awareness to the PropertyMission Program. “The program will be the main fundraising component for the KinderMission Foundation. “My goal is to reach out to the Real Estate Community and have agents nationwide partner with me to raise funds by donating 30% of commissions to the KinderMission Foundation. KinderMission Foundation will be working with families and refer them to the agents. The buyers are “Purchasing with a Purpose”, and that is to give back to Early Childhood Education through the KinderMission Foundation,” she shared.

Under the KinderMission Foundation, Betsy hopes to provide affordable housing opportunities to others, and also help families build generational wealth. She also hopes to provide them with financial literacy, which will assist them with making better financial decisions. Additionally, she has partnered with Realty One Group Results- Real Estate Firm.

According to Betsy, this is how she envisioned the PropertyMission program to work. Once an applicant is determined, they will be paired with a partnering realtor who will then assist them with selecting and purchasing their property. KinderMission Foundation is seeking realtors to partner with who will be listed as one of their preferred realtors and are open to the idea of providing a 30% commission back to KinderMission Foundation from the sale of the home.

With a soon approaching launch date of January 2020, some work has already began. Betsy has started working with families and assisting them with building their credit so they will qualify for a home loan. She is equipping these same individuals with financial planning skills and teaching them how to sustain their home after purchase.

“To qualify for the Property Mission program it is not income based.” she says. “We are seeking working families who are currently renting and interested in purchasing a home, but need a little help getting there.”

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