Better Days Are Just Around The Corner

by Terry Watson | March 16th, 2018

Terry Watson – Editor

There is no greater treasure one can possess than the gift of life. God selects us all for a particular purpose and promise. Your gift is as individual as a blade of grass or a rain drop that falls from the sky during a shower in the month of April. What God has for me, is only for me, and it is impossible for anyone other than me to fulfill His promise for my life.

Though I was named by my grandmother, throughout the short years of my life, I have been called many other things. Some of them I believe I earned, and others maybe not. However, it wasn’t until I heard a pastor share something during a church service did I fully understand the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of words spoken to me by others. This pastor told us that “It doesn’t matter what others say to you or about you. The only thing that matters is what you answer to.” That message burrowed itself in my mind and remains there.

We live in a world where, if we are not careful, our lives can be shaped and torn by what others think of us. It’s important to have the support and admiration from family and friends, but we can’t survive on their opinions alone. We must realize our very own worth. God makes no mistakes and because He made each of us, it’s impossible to believe that we are anything less than His finest creation.

As I watch the loss of young lives with the recent school shootings, I reflect back to when I was a young student. Things have really changed from those times. It is painful to see our future perish. Therefore, I pray and ask for healing and protection in those situations. I also pray for change. The kind of change that starts at home. We must speak life into the hearts and ears of those who are impressionable. You can never understand what someone is going through on the inside just by looking at them. Often, one word is all that it takes to change that person’s life. Let your words be full of kindness and compassion or don’t say anything at all. My mama told me that!

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