Big Ben’s Desserrts

by Terry Watson | November 14th, 2018


Ben Hall (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

Ben Hall (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

While many may know Ben Hall for his football and athletic accomplishments, there is more to this caring and gentle soul, his broad stature may make it hard for one to believe that he embodies the patience to own and operate a dessert and sweets shop. Yet he does.

Ben Hall is passionate about everything that happens in his life. He is passionate about God and helping people. Whatever he puts his hands on, he strives to make it the best it can be and take it to the highest level. He is a giving and caring person who finds joy in seeing others winning. He is a native Wellford, SC. At a very early age he began to make a name for himself on the football field with the Wellford Redskins. He then shined Byrnes at High School as a standout tight end. It became obvious that he was purposed to play the sport at a higher level. His next stop was Clemson University and later on to the NFL, where he played for several teams including the Arizona Cardinals and Tennessee Titans, before playing in a European team, the Amsterdam Admirals.

After football, Ben found himself back at home in South Carolina. He landed a job at Sam’s Club and quickly moved up the ranks to supervisor. He later moved on to other opportunities, but soon realized there was something more he could be doing. “God had spoken to my heart. I knew that I could be doing more to give back to my community. The same community that gave so much to me. When I was in high school, so many teachers, coaches, and others poured into me, and helped me to become and outstanding football player and land a scholarship to play at Clemson. I realized that it was my duty to do the same for others,” he says.

Ben began praying and meditating on the word of God, seeking answers as to the next step and direction he should take. He wanted to be an entrepreneur. He had no clue as to what to do. However, one day he made a dish of banana pudding for some of his coworkers. One person in particular told Ben that it was the best banana pudding he had ever tasted. Ben knew at that point it was time for him to step out on faith and start his business.

In the beginning he was selling enough banana pudding to pay his light bill and car note. He was struggling, and he knew that he needed more. Soon people began to ask if he could make more dishes and sweets such as cakes. He began to teach himself how to bake, one day at a time. He would sell them to barbershops and hair salons and everyone fell in love with his sweets. He began to apply the same work ethic he had as an athlete to his new-found business.

In 2015, when he first tried to open a location in Inman, SC, to sell his sweets, things didn’t go as planned. He eventually had to close. He began to make his goods in his home. He would soon be featured on the cover of Spartanburg magazine, and the response went so well that Ben’s customer base grew very fast. He then decided to open a second a location in Lyman in August of this year.

Now, the word is out. He has added a full ice cream bar to the menu, and the name of the business has evolved to Big Ben’s Desserts and Ice Cream. Some of the best-selling items are his “Famous Banana Pudding”, strawberry cakes and cupcakes, and key lime cake.

Ben is proving that by faith in God, and with hard work anything is possible. If you are in the Spartanburg area, please stop and allow Ben to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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