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by Terry Watson | January 16th, 2018
Justin Rhedrick

Justin Rhedrick

What is a Bitcoin? This question is being asked by many individuals lately. Yet, there aren’t many resources available to answer it. However, there is someone who has focused their attention on doing just that, answering the mystique about Bitcoin.

Justin Rhedrick is a 28-year-old single father of a bright and brilliant young lady. He is also dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so much so that he transitioned from a vegetarian to vegan diet. Rhedrick is an avid reader of information on Cryptocurrency, having a keen focus on Bitcoin. With the knowledge obtained on Bitcoin, he has launched a company, BitcoinVegan which offers a very diverse line of products.

One of the services he offers is Bitcoin Consultation. Rhedrick says this level is ideal for beginners who have never heard of Bitcoin but may have questions about it. These questions may include how to set up a Bitcoin wallet, where to buy Bitcoins, and who accepts them. For individuals already familiar with Bitcoin but may want to know more, Rhedrick provides guidance and directions to sources where they can learn more about the Bitcoin and Crypto currency space outside of just watching price swings, updates, news feeds, and business applications.

Additional products include teaching Bitcoin Technology. This allows him to share resources with clients to help them learn how to run a full Bitcoin node, and direct them through the steps to implement the new updates for personal or business use. There are programming services available as well. “I’m currently increasing my skills as I increase my Bitcoin toolkit with different coding languages so I can design and create apps for my clients using apps for general use or apps for Bitcoin blockchain,” he says.

His business started early in 2017 by first explaining Bitcoin to his family and friends. Due to the constant information and updates that was happening in Bitcoin, he started realizing the need for expert advice to spread the truth about it. “Our society is overloaded with fear or false evidence appearing real. This includes fake news or alternative facts which makes it difficult for new opportunities to prevail that could change someone’s life. Some choose to go with what they know even if the results or outcomes never change. I remain encouraged when I am able to meet new people and share this great opportunity. At the end of the day, when one more person is enthusiastic about exploring Bitcoin, it is a win,” says Rhedrick.

There are many advantages to Bitcoin. Decentralization has kept Bitcoin safe for ten years and has the largest global network effect besides religion and social media. “All other altcoins or digital currencies are testnets for Bitcoin. Anything they think they can do, Bitcoin can adopt it or already has,” he says.

Understanding that African Americans are some of the greatest consumers and spend over a trillion dollars a year, Rhedrick wanted to know what it would look like if they invested those dollars in Bitcoin. “For us as black people to capture one third of the Trillion USD spending power into Bitcoin, or what we may call the #Blexit. We could then give back to our community to help eliminate poverty which is the greatest contributor to most of our societal ills such as poor education, homelessness, and more,” he says.

The healthy side of Rhedrick’s business involves Vegan Coaching. With his first business, Vegan on the Go, Rhedrick is able to provide consultation and food service for his Vegan clientele. “Healthy eating is the key to a healthy lifestyle,” he says. “As a vegan, process chemicals are stripped from ones’ diet thus allowing clearer thinking and an overall better health. I am committed to working with individuals or families and assisting them with transitioning to a vegan diet”. I am very aware of the food deserts our communities are affected by. I believe resolutions to these issues can be found with organic farmers and natural health remedies,” he says. “Family is important to me and I want to see families thrive holistically”.

Rhedrick says his family started the fire in him from birth to be an entrepreneur and a self-starter. “Two brothers, Darrin Miller El (Sr. Consultant Moab Bit Association) and Isaiah Jackson (Vice President of KRBE), encouraged me to start consulting. My daughter is my greatest inspiration. Just looking at her huge smile and hearing her call me daddy makes getting up every morning worth it,” he says.

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