Black Business USA Expo

Black Business USA Expo | September 19th, 2019
Black Business USA Expo Team (Photos by Pharenheit Photography)

Black Business USA Expo Team (Photos by Pharenheit Photography)

Black Business Expo USA Inc. organization serves a statewide movement of people using business as a force for change.

The Black Business Expo USA Inc. is celebrating its eleven-year anniversary, held November 30, 2019 from 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Marriott downtown Durham City Center, 201 Foster Street. The event is free to attend and features industry experts, business-critical workshops to drive immediate action & business growth. With speed-networking sessions that create new opportunities, the Black Business Expo USA Inc. is the place to get inspired, ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and continue your ongoing path to success.

As our youth, today, still stand in need of our support, the 2019 Black Business Expo organization continues to provide scholarships and computers for our youth. After conducting extensive research and discovering that single parent homes and unemployment is on the rise, our participation has relieved much pressure because of our giving. The financial crisis is real, and our brilliant and dedicated students feel it the most. We are a team of individuals who are committed to helping our society and community as we make a difference in areas that has the greatest need. Our community is our focus and that is the reason that we feel that the Black Business Expo will be a force in healing and helping our community.

Understanding a great need for technology in the homes, we provide computers to those homes where youth lack the technology to elevate their skills while providing a valuable learning tool. We also provide scholarships to those who are not ability to meet the financial obligation that is required for education. As we continue to excel in our businesses, we realize that it is our duty to give back to students who deserve to follow their dreams of getting a great education. We are asking you to join our efforts and select a booth at this year’s expo. The Black Business Expo is a 25-year organization dedicated to raising scholarship funds for underprivileged high school students planning to attend college and for students who plan to start their own business as entrepreneurs in the state of North Carolina. Our current mission is to donate ten laptop computers and ten scholarships up to $5,000.00 in the following areas: technology, hospitality, advertising, financial services, mass communications, journalism, health, marketing, art, science, business administration and entrepreneurship. With your participation, we will reach our goal of changing the lives of students during this financial aid and scholarship crisis.

Another one of our goals is to highlight the economic growth of North Carolina businesses while generating exceptional value for our corporations, sponsors and partners. The Black Business Expo events selects corporations and speakers with strict principles of change and creates events far above the market and regularly visits North Carolina companies and corporations to build relationships. Black business Expo USA Inc. is one of the largest business showcases in the history of black America in North Carolina. More leads, more customers, more branding, more sales and more exposure!

We believe that by recruiting 350 companies and corporations across North Carolina to the Black Business Expo USA Inc. event will fund 10 scholarships and 10 laptops for students. How we do it is simple; the Black Business Expo will host eight events designed to showcase businesses and corporations and to raise scholarships for students. Our objective is to utilize companies and corporations’ mission of community engagement, diversity and inclusion, economic development, and business to corporation partnerships. As we continue to thrust into a new season of North Carolina’s Black Business Expo, we would like you to become a valued partner with us. As you, know companies throughout North Carolina come together showcasing their models educating the community about our services and outreach.

Event Schedule:
November 4-8, 2019 –  Black Business Week. During this week, the Black Business Expo USA Inc. selects from a pool of 500 students who send in essays on the website. The Black Business Expo USA Inc. scholarship essay pitch event will be held at Merchants & Farmers Bank corporate center. Each day of Black Business Week, the scholarship team will judge 20 students daily and at the end of the week, 10 students will be chosen from the 100 who competed to receive scholarships. During Black Business Week, area corporations will host five networking lunches at five different corporations. The corporations will present their objective of how to do business with their department, diversity and inclusion, marketing, employment, economic development, community engagement or their products and services.

November 16 – The Black Wall Street Gala is where the expo will honor three corporations who exemplify the core standards; community engagement diversity and inclusion, economic development and business to corporation partnership in the black community in North Carolina. The Black Wall Street Gala will highlight 10 students who will receive their Black Business Expo trophy for winning the scholarship essay contest.
November 29 – Black business expo will host and invitation only VIP masquerade networking ball for companies and corporations who are participating in the expo. This evening will be a networking opportunity for businesses to meet and greet to develop partnership before they attend the expo. There will be light jazz, and hors d’oeuvres.
November 30 – One of the largest business showcases in the history of black America in North Carolina will be hosted in Durham, NC at the Marriot Hotel and City Center 201 Foster Street where over 300 businesses and major corporations will be exhibiting and over 2,000 attendees are expected.
What is different about our Black Business Expo? The Black Business Expo Corporation realize that most businesses and owners don’t have large budgets for marketing, advertising, public relations, and merchandising. Many businesses do not have a way to showcase or sell products and services to a mass audience. What the Black Business Expo USA Inc. does for companies is collect data from registrants and attendees from each of the eight events and shares this information with the companies, corporations and business owners that exhibit at the expo, so they can do business all year long. Our Black Business Expo team registers attendees of each event using our app. About 200 people a day during the Black Business Week, about 600 people at the Black Wall Street Gala, more than 600 people at the VIP Masquerade Networking Ball and some 2000 people attending the black expo event. Equaling about more than 4,000 registrants. Our attendee profile includes business owners, CEOs, corporation, small businesses, government agencies, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to start and buy new companies.

Why do owners want to participate? With so many problems in our society, the Black Business Expo focuses on three problems that affect our community. Our objective is to Connect, Communicate and Build the Community of North Carolina Businesses. The three crisis are the financial aid and scholarship crisis, the business financial crisis and the corporate engagement crisis in underserved communities.

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