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Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | January 17th, 2019
Tiffany Hampton (Photos by Nieto Photography)

Tiffany Hampton (Photos by Nieto Photography)

Now that we’ve welcomed 2019, how many are thinking ‘new year, new me’? Have you selected the diet you’re going to start right after the holiday sweets are all gone? Well, according to certified personal trainer and bodybuilder, Tiffany Hampton owner of Bostic Total Body, that might be the first mistake of transforming yourself.

“Eating differently and taking care of your body does not mean dieting, because dieting is temporary. You have to think of it as a lifestyle change,” the well-known personal trainer explains.

Tiffany knows a thing or two about lifestyle changes, in more ways than one. Over the years she has changed jobs, changed careers, and changed her commitment to her passion. When she finally yielded to what she has always loved, her life was elevated more than she expected.

In 2007, Tiffany relocated to North Carolina to find a job in banking. She went on several interviews but couldn’t seem to secure the type of employment she was looking for. Since she has always enjoyed physical fitness, she decided to hire a personal trainer to help keep her in shape. He noticed Tiffany was very athletic, was disciplined, and felt she had what it took to be a great trainer to others. She was slow to move, but did reach out to another trainer who liked her style and hired her to work at his gym. He also encouraged her to become certified as a personal trainer, but she took it a step further and obtained a bachelor’s degree from St. Augustine University in Human Performance and Wellness along with her new certification.

She wasn’t quite ready to be a trainer full time, and found employment success at a restaurant in the area for a time and lost her motivation for fitness. Unfortunately her job ended abruptly and she was left, wondering what to do. During the course of then next year, she had gotten married, given birth to her son, and enrolled in graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in special education. With a year left in school, Tiffany admitted to herself that she wasn’t happy and decided to forego the last two semesters of school to pursue that idea that continued to haunt her, fitness.

“I held my first class outside at a park and did that for about six months,” says Tiffany. She created a flyer, advertised it, and watched the women flock to it. She obtained a few personal clients from the class, and trained for a short time, but needed more time to grow and mature as a businesswoman. Shortly after, she was hired by Wake County as a Teacher’s Assistant. Within two months she knew the role wasn’t for her. The idea of being a trainer continued to reverberate in her mind. She had to find a way back to what she loved. And she did.

Tiffany spent time training at different locations, including a church facility, and built her clientele. “Life happened and I went through some personal losses and needed to step away from training for a while.” The fitness enthusiast became interested in bodybuilding and set her sets on competing while she regained control of her career. For two years, Tiffany trained and traveled. That’s when she had the bright idea to become an online trainer.

Bostic Total Body was born on October 31, 2014 and her Instagram page, Godly_FitClassy, already has over 10,000 followers. Considering her training is virtual, her clients are located all across the globe, with most located around the United States. To date, she is booked through May and travels around the country to help prepare her competitive clients with their competitions.

Tiffany knows there are thousands of fitness trainers to choose from, but she feels her business is different, in that she ministers to her clients and considers herself to be more than a trainer. Her clients get face time with her through video apps, they have her personal cell phone number, and email. “What really stands out is my ministry. I have to help a lot of my clients on a spiritual level. They break down spiritually sometimes, so I help them because I’ve gone through things myself.” While many programs simply ask you to sign up for a program online and they never lay eyes on you, as a trainer, Tiffany, creates meal plans, work out routines and can evaluate their progress with pictures they share and videos.

When Tiffany isn’t training others, she’s preparing herself to compete and her own former trainer persuaded her to make the leap. He noticed that she was physically strong but it seems that she was mentally weak. Her self-esteem was low and she lacked confidence. She noticed that after she started training, she became mentally stronger and more disciplined. “Competing helps keep me disciplined with reading my word, with seeking God first, fasting, all of that.” That’s why she incorporates God into everything she does. Her clients, who are all female, are called Godly Fit Beauties. And each client is considered a doll.

The business keeps Tiffany quite busy, but it doesn’t slow her down. With the major support of a dedicated client, in 2018, she opened her boutique, ‘Godly Fit Boutique’ that sells women’s apparel. She published her first book, ‘The Distractions That Hinder You from Your Blessings’, in the fall of 2017 and her second book, ‘A Simple Guide to Godly Fit’, a cookbook, is currently at the printing press right now. The third, ‘Your Breakdown Before Your Breakthrough’ will be published this summer and the fourth in the series, ‘Your Reward for Being a Godly Woman’ is slated to release in December of 2019. She also has a few big ideas in the works that will catapult her to a larger platform.

Since stepping out on faith in 2014, Tiffany credits her immediate family and complete strangers with supporting her the most. They believed in her craft and trusted her skill enough to invest in her and even refer several clients whose lives she transformed. Tiffany wholeheartedly believes these people are God-sent.
Just as this dedicated businesswoman revolutionized her life and her career, she knows anyone can position themselves to travel the same journey.

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