Bovanti Cosmetics Celebrates Five Years in Greensboro

by Tonya Dixon | April 29th, 2015
Bovanti Team (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Bovanti Team (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Bovanti Cosmetics Celebrates Five Years in Greensboro at The Four Seasons Town Center

Bovanti Cosmetics and Spa is celebrating five years as a thriving part of the Greensboro business community. Since 2010 the company has been the only, successful freestanding cosmetic store in the entire Four Seasons Town Centre.

When the Atlanta-based company first opened its doors sisters and beauty moguls, Marquis and Marquel Bohannon had their work cut out for them. Their goal was to expand the Bovanti brand in the Greensboro area. Marquis and Marquel were very creative and innovative to say the least; however having confidence in their winning and magnificent product and services was more than enough fuel for the sisters to turn Bovanti into one of the area’s premier cosmetic providers and full service spa.

“In the beginning we would have to stand and call customers over to the store. We put the ground work in,” says Marquel. “We were going to salons and schools just getting our name out there, but now everyone is familiar with the Bovanti brand and superior customer service. They are coming in on their own already knowing what they want. That’s exciting for us.”

What people have discovered is that Bovanti is much more than a cosmetics line. Although the spa has been a part of the business from the very beginning many people were still unaware and did not fully utilize the services offered. Now that the word has spread and people have experienced the spa, the sisters agree they don’t have any difficulty booking clients.

The goal is for clients to relax, release and rejuvenate. The spa room offers massages, facials, back treatments, hand treatments, Glycolic facial peels, waxing and more. Nearly every team member is a licensed esthetician so clients can be assured a Bovanti treatment is a professional service. Nevertheless, Bovanti has the capabilities to bring the spa to the client. “We call them Bovanti Diva Day Parties,” says Marquis. “We can schedule to come out to your location or event and host a pamper party on site. We do mini facials, hand treatments and more. You can receive the ultimate beauty and spa experience.”

No matter what service or product Bovanti offers, the company believes education and customer satisfaction to be the most important factors. From start to finish a Bovanti client is educated about the products she is purchasing, which are hypo allergenic and non-comedogenic. A Bovanti client is taught how to properly apply the cosmetics she purchases. Where other cosmetic lines fall short in educating clients, Bovanti sets and raises the standard. In addition, their celebrity make-up artist teach monthly make-up classes.

“We are educators first,” says Marquel. “When you go to other cosmetic counters or anywhere else you just get your makeup applied. At Bovanti we cater to educating the complete novice or the makeup maven. We teach you how to apply your make-up and offer make-up classes for you to achieve your best look.”

The techniques and processes that the beauty moguls use and teach their clients are some of the same foundational techniques they learned years ago when they first began working in the family empire. They would watch their mother, Anita H. Bohannon – a beauty empowerment coach – and she would teach them so that they could assist her whenever she needed additional help. They may have been only 13 or 14 years old, but they quickly became pros just as the business grew to become their passion and purpose. Marquis jokingly says they were helping women look flawless while they themselves were bare-faced and not allowed to wear makeup until they were 16 years old.

Bovanti is a multi-divisional product and service company. Through hard work, but more importantly the grace and divine direction of God, the company has been in business for 33 years. As trends change and evolve, Bovanti is always knowledgeable and offers the cutting edge in what’s hot. “We bring Atlanta and Hollywood to Greensboro. No one else in North Carolina (that we know of) offers some of the same quality of services that we do. We also offer brow and lash extensions,” says Marquel.

When women become addicted to the Bovanti brand, which they usually do, they recognize they are dealing with a company that has proven and stood through the tests of time. Moreover, women of color appreciate and find relief in the fact that Bovanti caters to their skin tones, textures and needs. “A lot of women feel comfortable coming to us. They feel we know the product and we know what’s best for OUR skin,” Marquis adds.

A Bovanti client can be assured that her makeup will match flawlessly with her individual skin tone. The Bovanti Perfect Match Foundation is a signature and highly sought after product, and with the new foundation sticks with concealer and foundation all-in-one, clients are having a hard time trying to choose. When every product is absolutely amazing, it’s a problem that Marquis and Marquel are more than happy for their clients to have.
Clients will have a great opportunity to stock up on all things Bovanti this month during the company’s numerous, in-store anniversary events. It’s the local store’s fifth anniversary, but the company is excited to include its loyal and devoted customers in on the huge savings and promotions. While everyone is invited to celebrate in store. Bovanti will be hosting a special, invitation-only black-tie gala and awards ceremony to show appreciation to the Bovanti team and everyone that helped the company grow and succeed.

As Bovanti celebrates their business milestone in the Greensboro area, they also would like for everyone to know they are here to stay and the Bovanti team won’t stop. From Bovanti television to fashion to their modeling agency, their father and mother never pictured the company any other way than grand. Michael J. Bohannon, Bovanti CEO vision is to expand the business with more retail locations and premier on a major television network.
The Bovanti sisters are picking up where there parents have led the way and are decisively parlaying Bovanti into a worldwide brand – one city at a time says Marquel. Career and distribution opportunities are always available. The sisters have their sights set on a city near you.

By Tonya Dixon
Photos by Howard Gaither

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