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by Terry Watson | November 4th, 2010
Marquis and Marquel Bohannon - Bovanti Cosmetics

Marquis and Marquel Bohannon (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Marquis and Marquel Bohannon begin each day in a prayer seeking God for divine guidance. The next few hours are spent researching innovative marketing and promotional ideas. If that weren’t enough they make every effort to spend time with their business team, motivating and inspiring them. With the day not even over, they are in the trenches doing what they absolutely love, business and beauty.

24 year old Marquis is the junior president of Bovanti Beauty Company and president of the Bovanti Cosmetics store at Four Seasons Towne Centre Mall in Greensboro, N.C. A division of the Bovanti Corporation, for over 27 years, Bovanti Cosmetics has been a leader in the cosmetic and beauty industry providing quality, top of the line beauty products and services as well as education. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., the company has been deemed the fashion and beauty leader of the south.

One doesn’t have to convince either Bohannon of the exceptionality of the company. They know the Bovanti story and brand all too well. Marquis and Marquel are not only Bovanti store owners, but they are proud members of the company’s “inner circle”. Marquis Bohannon proudly describes their intimate relationship with Bovanti, “My mother and father founded Bovanti Cosmetics,” she says. In 1982, Marquis and Marquel’s parents, Michael and Anita, who staunchly believed in business ownership, put their heads together, as well as their namesake, and formed Bovanti Corporation.

Marquis admits she loves the cosmetic industry; the glitz, glamour and excitement, however having a MBA from Hampton University, she tends to focus more on the business of Bovanti. What’s the most logical way to combine business and beauty? Certainly the answer can be solved many ways, but for the Bohannons the answer is to keep it all in the family-literally. While Marquis excitedly handles the day to day business affairs for Bovanti, Marquel gladly accepts the title of educational director. The Bohannon duo teamed up as business partners. Only 15 months apart in age, the sisters understand each others strengths and weaknesses and use them as business advantages. “I have always been the business side,” says Marquis. “I’m the creative side,” inputs Marquel. “Everything from dealing with colors, artsy things, fashion and make-up education.”
It is only natural for the Bohannon ladies to continue the family tradition of ntrepreneurship.

The sisters have always had a business venture going on or waiting on the horizon. They have dabbled in everything from graphic design to arts and craft camps. Marquis had amazingly managed a Bovanti kiosk in New Orleans at the age of 18 with record-breaking success and previously sold Fantasia IC hair care products. However, it wasn’t until the Hampton University graduates began to set up shop on campus that they realized they had a winning combination and witnessed a serious demand for Bovanti products. “We would setup every Friday at Hampton University’s Student Center” says Marquis. The demand was so impressive they would always sell out of products.

From then until now Marquis and Marquel’s focus has been expanding Bovanti to new markets. They’re presently on a nationwide tour with the Bovanti Beauty Stars (which includes their mother Anita H. Bohannon) and still showcase at Hampton, but on a larger scale. They recently returned from Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island Bahamas teaching makeup classes for Bronner Brothers Seminars by the Sea.

Marquis’ thirst for knowledge and education has always been a mainstay in her life. Even at the early age of six she dreamed of taking over the family business. She is doing exactly what she planned. “It is amazing to hold steadfast to your vision and make it become a reality,” says Marquis. “My vision has always been to take our business to unseen heights.” Bovanti Cosmetics provides more than just a pretty face and quality products and services. This beauty industry trendsetter helps women manage a lifestyle that improves their skin, health and image.

The young entrepreneurs are just as committed to the growth of the Bovanti brand as they are customer satisfaction. Take a minute to walk into a Bovanti Cosmetic’s store. The products and services offered are not only astounding but everything is visually state-of-the-art. The local store offers everything from cutting edge color cosmetics and makeovers to brow arching, lash enhancement and spa services including massage therapy, facials and reflexology, all from certified technicians.

Why is Bovanti Cosmetics growing so rapidly? It’s all because women want to feel empowered and confident. That very desire is consistent with the Bovanti Brand. “We encourage women to make the most of their natural beauty and strive to bring out their best features,” says Marquis. “We inspire women all over the world with our story. My mother looks just as young as we do. We are beauty educators and have become retail savvy. We educate women how to become an ageless beauty and look and feel their best inside and out.”

It’s clear that Marquel is also just as passionate about the creative aspects of cosmetics. “We provide makeup education classes and instruct you on everything about the proper use of makeup and skin care,” she says. “Women need to know how to find products with the right ingredients for their skin type.” It’s no wonder these two young women and certainly Bovanti

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