Brandon Thomas Insurance Services

by Terry Watson | July 19th, 2021
Brandon Thomas

Brandon Thomas

One of the primary responsibilities we have as adults is to ensure a succeeding plan is left intact at the time of our demise. The purpose of this plan of action, or what is often called final wishes, is to execute our last wishes and ensure there are no financial burdens for others to absorb. Brandon Thomas has firmly planted himself in the soil of future preparedness with his company, Brandon Thomas Insurance Services.

Brandon was born and raised in Austin, TX. After attempting a run at the college route and working meaningless jobs, he learned at the age of 22 that entrepreneurship was the way for him. “When I first jumped into entrepreneurship, I had my hand in a lot of things. Yet experience taught me that if I focus on one thing at a time, I have a better chance of being sustainable,” he says. Utilizing his advice led Brandon to pursue a career as an insurance provider, one that has lasted for almost four years. “I began in 2018, working for a financial services network marketing organization. After about a year there, I realized that I did not like their business model. I wanted something I had control and ownership over, so I decided to start my own brokerage,” he says.
Brandon Thomas Insurance Services is a life and health insurance brokerage that educates its clients on the importance of avoiding financial distress due to life-changing circumstances such as death, disability, or financial hardship. Many of the products offered by Brandon include life insurance, final expense, and health insurance for families and individuals, but specifically, he provides both term and permanent life insurance for seniors, adults, and children. He also offers services for business owners and benefits for their employees, such as group insurance and key person life insurance.

Brandon shares what he loves most about his work: providing life insurance for our clients and knowing that I am playing a small but integral role in making sure the next generation inherits a legacy. “I enjoy being a person of interest on the subject of life insurance when it comes to educating the community,” he says.

Brandon shares his primary inspiration is financial freedom, providing for himself and his family. He wants to make sure his mother retires soon and ensure that he passes something on to his children that they can pass on to their children’s children.

His advice to anyone chasing a dream is to change your mindset. “I’ve been around poor people, I’ve been around rich people….the only difference is the mindset. Change the way you view the world, and focus on how you can be the best person you can be in the world. You must always strive to be a victor and never a victim,” he shares.

Moving forward, Brandon has plans to build his brokerage firm up and give more opportunities to people who look like him, and help as many people as possible with their services. He also has other ideas that involve venturing into other industries but shares that he’s taking things one step at a time. To learn more about Brand Thomas Insurance Services, please visit their website.

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