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by Terry Watson | September 19th, 2019
Brian Blackmore

Brian Blackmore

Brian Blackmore of Dallas, TX is serial entrepreneur who is on a mission to bridge the financial gap in the today’s society. Furthermore, he is looking to educate others on the importance of having good credit and leveraging it to generate generational wealth.

The tool that Brian uses to make this possible is BK Credit Consultants LLC, a national credit restoration company that works with clients and creditors to improve credit profiles by challenging questionable, inaccurate, outdated, misleading, or unverifiable data on consumer credit reports. Brian shares, “We understand the unforeseen can happen, and we also believe everyone deserves a second chance. We work with our clients, the credit bureaus and creditors to attain the highest best credit possible. We also ensure that our clients are equipped with the knowledge of how to keep it that way.”

Brian has over 10 years of combined underwriting, forensic accounting, business analysis, acquisition, divesture-planning, and risk-management experience. He started BK Credit Consultants in May 2016. “It was actually started by accident. I posted my credit score on Facebook, which was 820 at the time, and asked “Who wants great credit like this? My post went viral and my inbox was blowing up. I was giving away free advice and soon realized that I could turn this into a business. The rest is now history because BK Credit Consultants have grown faster than I could have ever imagined,” he says.

Over the years BK Credit Consultants has delivered unlimited disputes to the credit reporting agencies and creditors. They’ve helped many individuals correct their credit files and increasing their FICO scores as well. They utilize a state of the art program that is broken down into three phases to assist their clients in getting to the 700 Club. The first phase is disputing. The next one is rebuilding credit, and the final phase is sustaining credit. The first is phase is disputing. The next one is rebuilding credit, and the final phase is sustaining credit.

BK Credit Consultants typical clients are people who are having credit issues and trouble getting the things they need to live their everyday life. “I enjoy assisting people with getting approved for homes, cars, credit cards, and lines of credit. By doing so I am able to restore their confidence and help them get their life back,” he says. “The average credit score for our clients who are starting the program is around 560.”

Brian is motivated to providing personalized services to each and every client. He takes the time to become well acquainted with his clients and their particular financial challenges, and develop and execute an individual recovery strategy. “Helping clients to feel empowered and restore their financial confidence and autonomy has been another invaluable yield of my consulting services and exceptional customer service,” he says.

Like most businesses, BK Credit Consultants has faced it share of challenges. The most common challenge for Brian he shares has been people being unrealistic. “Most people have spent 10 or more years destroying their credit and thinking I can rectify their situation in 30 days. Credit restoration is a process and takes time to get back on track. Social media has fooled people into thinking that it can be done overnight and legally, that is not possible,” he says.

Brian has dedicated his life and career honor his late mother. “All of my companies are named after my mom, Brenda Kaye. Everything I do is for her and making her proud is my only goal,” he says.

He also offers some advice to others who may follow in his footsteps. “Be diligent and patient and please don’t chase the money. Perfect your craft and the money will find you. Also, educate people leaving them more informed than they were before meeting you,” he says.

When asked if he could change anything about is journey, Brian says he would change the way the world looks at entrepreneurship. “We are taught to get good grades, graduate high school, go to college, and get a good job. Once we work for 40 years, we can retire and then start living our lives. I want to give kids more resources and let them know that you don’t have to be a college graduate to be successful. We must teach them that trade schools are just as valuable. You don’t have to work for someone else. You can be your own boss. Entrepreneurship should be presented to our kids as a viable option,” Brian says.

Moving forward, Brian shares his plan is to keep expanding the BK Brand. “I want to travel and do credit seminars and share my information because it needs to be seen and heard by the masses. I want people to understand how much power a great credit score will give you and how many doors will open for you. I want to also present this information to high school students. I am a advocate for teaching financial literacy before we allow students to graduate high school and enter the real world and not possess the proper tools to succeed. It is very necessary and I have made this my mission to ensure that nobody is left behind,” he says.

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