Brian Flewellen

Laci Ollison | January 19th, 2021
Brian Flewellen (Photos by Michael Duncan)

Brian Flewellen (Photos by Michael Duncan)

Building and establishing a legacy is something that many strive to do. It is also something that Brian Flewellen is extremely familiar with. Not just in persevering his own legacy but being able to live out the legacy of his late grandmother as well.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Brian is the founder and owner of BF Configurations. The company specializes in TV mounting, home theater setups, picture hanging, equipment relocation, and computer repair.

“We’ve been in business a little over seven years,” said Brian. “We currently operate in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and we’re branching out to San Antonio soon.”

Although Brian is now a successful entrepreneur, he actually gained the inspiration to start the business from a manager at one of his previous job.

“When I worked for another company as a corporate sales trainer, I was installing security systems for employees. One day my director at the time said, ‘man you should start your own business.’”
Brian disagreed and felt that starting a business was not the right decision for him.

“I said no. I will never start my own business. I’m making money as a corporate trainer. I’m not about to leave what I’m doing to go start a business.” But his manager gave him advice that stuck with him.

“He told me to remember that I’m black and I’m always replaceable in corporate America.” Brian still wasn’t convinced that he had a need to start a business. “I said they’ll never let me go. I’m black and the only sales trainer in the building.

However, one year later, Brian was let go from his job. His manager, who was also let go from the company, offered Brian a job at a new company and gave him the opportunity to work on his skillset and perfect his craft.

“The second company that I worked for does the exact same thing that I do; they specialize in TV mounting and home theater setup. He put me in a position to really perfect my craft. And once I perfected my craft, he pretty much pushed me over the edge and said go swim.”

That was when Brian took the leap into entrepreneurship. From there he jumped out and ran and never looked back. Now, BF Configurations has grown and Brian has been able to scale to multiple cities in multiple states.

“While at the first company, I trained a guy that lived in Atlanta. About a year and a half after I got laid off, he got laid off. He reached out to me and asked if I had any work because he heard that I was starting a business. He asked did I have any work in Atlanta,” Brian says.

At this time, Brian had not considered expanding to Atlanta. “I said I didn’t really have anything. But I always knew that my Grandmother, my Aunt, and my Dad had a connection in Atlanta. So, I had a good resource there so I kind of ran with that.”

But the expansion into a new market was not an easy process. “In the midst of going to Atlanta, there were a few times where I considered closing the doors because it was hard. I was managing Dallas and then trying to manage Atlanta. But I had to let go and I had to trust and know that Rodney was going to run the location,” he shared.

And now, BF Configurations is celebrating three years of operating in the Atlanta area. Brian says that most of his clientele come from social media. They pull about 60% of their clients from social media, and 30% are from referrals.

His goal for 2021 is to improve the relationship he has with his current clients by checking in and performing customer satisfaction surveys. “In 2021, we’re really going to focus on putting the client first. We’re going to be making phone calls to our clients, to learn if there is anything that we could have done better, what can we improve on, so we can learn and grow tenfold,” he says.

Brian shared that the hardest part of entrepreneurship has been the fear of failure. “The fear of failure involves not knowing if I’m going to get a phone call today, or if the lights are still going to be cut on tomorrow,” he says.

In order to overcome his fears, Brian said there were some things that he had to sacrifice. “I motivate myself. But as a business owner, what you put in is what you’re going to get out of it. When I’m working, I’m working 110%. I’m giving it my all,” he shared.

Those sacrifices, however, have paid off and are evident in the success of his business. It has also allowed him to reinvest back into his business. “My biggest accomplishment has been purchasing three trucks in one year,” Brian said.

The business owner wants to encourage other entrepreneurs to not be afraid to fail. “Les Brown said something like when you fall, and it’s not a matter of if you fall because you will fall. But when you fall, fall on your back because you can look up. And when you look up, you can get up. And when you get up you can look around and see the mistakes you made and understand how to not make those same mistakes again,” Brian said.

Yet, Brian also pushes business owners to go after what they want. His biggest jewel that he shares with anyone is to follow your dream, and to not stop until it is fulfilled. As he has pursued his own dreams, Brian owes much of his success to his late grandmother, Mary Flewellen. “My grandmother opened a beauty salon 51 years ago, Flewellen’s Hair Salon. It was the first black beauty salon south of Dallas. She told me coming up as a kid, if I don’t go to college, go get a trade,” he says. His grandmother’s dream was for him to be a barber, just like his father was. But Brian refused. He told her there was no way he would be a barber but promised her to figure things out.

Brian shares how he learned from his father the importance of preserving legacy. “My dad told me when I was a kid to protect my last name, because my last name has value. But me being a kid, I didn’t really understand the name Flewellen and the value of Flewellen. But after I started my business, I realized how much weight the name held. I have encountered people who trust me because of my last name, and because they knew my Grandmother and knew that she did good business. My business is now flourishing because of the relationships that my grandmother and father created,” he says.

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and in need of tv mounting services, please contact Brian Flewellen and BF Configurations, and allow his team to serve you.

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