Bri’And Russell

by Terry Watson | July 19th, 2021
Bri’And Russell (Jason Smith)

Bri’And Russell (Jason Smith)

“Nothing beats a failure but a try,” and “Never start something that you are incapable of finishing.” Those are two quotes have shaped and stained the life of Bri’And Russell.
While there may be several players, what separates the elite from the rest of the pack are those who set the standard. For Bri’And, she has made a living by raising the bar and being the measure others strive for.

The New Orleans, LA native, finished cosmetology school as a senior in high school. She went on to win several hair, make-up, and fashion competitions before receiving her Bachelors in Business Marketing and Finance from Texas Southern University. She was also nominated as “Ms. Entrepreneur – Class of 2009” for Homecoming at TSU.

Professionally, she has worked as a cosmetologist for 21 years, and an instructor for 16 years.

Today, she is the owner of Elite X-Tensions. This luxury hair extension line carries exclusive Malaysian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and Indian hair. Her company specializes in maintaining the full cuticle of the hair strands. Elite X-tensions can withstand being colored, high lift bleached, permed, and pressed. They also offer Elite X-Tensions Mink Eyelash Strips that are designed with a silk glue band and guaranteed to last up to 20 wears with proper cleaning procedures and maintenance.

Elite X-Tensions was born in October 2016 after Bri’And’s three-year-old daughter Za’ryha Joy was diagnosed with cancer. “I decided to use my passion and love for hair to create revenue for Za’ryha’s treatments,” she says. “Unfortunately, Za’ryha Joy lost her fight to cancer but, she continues to live on through me, Elite X-Tensions, and all those who loved her. Elite X-Tensions was made from love and creating this brand helped me prosper through the pain.”

Losing a child impacted Bri’And, who is very family-oriented and pours everything into her career, with her family (two intelligent children) in mind. Now living in Houston, TX, the goal-driven entrepreneur has enjoyed success because of her dedication. She shares, “I love the beauty industry and everything it has awarded me the last 26 years.”

Bri’And was raised by a single mother who constantly expressed the importance of education, diligence, and consistency to her and her brother. Bri’And’s mother also recognized her daughters’ talent and put things into action to help get her started. “Cosmetology has always been my passion. My mother purchased my first oven and curling iron set when I was nine years old, and soon I began styling hair. This was the beginning of understanding what being an entrepreneur truly meant. “Word of Mouth” advertising spread the word throughout my neighborhood. Before I knew it, I had gained clients from middle school and throughout college.

Being an entrepreneur has it challenges. For Bri’And, one was maintaining a steady supply of products during the Covid 19 pandemic. Yet, she has been able to sustain her clientele and even grow in business mainly due to her savviness and ability to identify opportunities.

Her advice to anyone who may follow in her footsteps or desire to launch a business of their own is never to stop trying and never give up on the goal. “I would encourage everyone to place one foot in front of the other, and soon you will find yourself running inside your reality that once was a dream. You must also be mentally and physically prepared for the ultimate groundbreaking opportunity,” she says.

She says her ultimate goal is to own a cosmetology school. Moving forward, she plans to launch a Elite X-Tensions Hair product line. To learn more about Elite X-Tensions, please visit their website.

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