Brittany Jackson

by Terry Watson | July 17th, 2019
Brittany Jackson

Brittany Jackson

Brittany Jackson is a looking to rebuild foundations to overflow with unity. The Greensboro native has successfully represented the city of Greensboro as Miss Teen Greensboro for 2006 and 2007. After doing so, she served four years in the United States Navy, before being honorably discharged. Today, Brittany continues to serve as a North Carolina Realtor, educating others about real estate and the benefits to having equitable assets.

Brittany shares how she aims to make the home buying and selling experience as smooth as possible for everyone. “Choosing me to be your realtor is the first step of the process. I will be your expert guide and assist you with the purchasing or selling your home. Typically, I take on the greater part of work involved and organize and delegate the many parts of a real estate transaction. By doing so allows you to continue to live your life,” she says.

With the information discovered about each individual property, Brittany helps her clients make rational decisions to help ensure an easy sales transaction.
Brittany says she became a Realtor after a doing a 360 degree look around on her own to find out everything about real estate. “I wanted to help people prosper financially and learned that it would begin with ownership,” she says.

“I began my real estate career in Virginia while I was active duty in 2016. Once I realized ownership was important, I knew I had to set the example,” she said. “It was important to me to build my expertise before I went back home to North Carolina. From the beginning, I have always been fortunate enough to have a broker in charge that cares. In Virginia, it was Danita Hayes, who always reminded me that no transaction is too hard for God. With that as my power, I have been able to impact every family with a renewed faith, sell or no sell.”

Brittany says she finds inspiration in being an inspiration to others. She also wants her clients to understand that she is more than a Realtor, and that she is someone who looks to transform others mind about life. “I am a life changer,” she states.

Moving forward Brittany hopes to live her life as a service to others. “I want to bring love in the world. Daily, I make it a practice to remind everyone that I love them, some more than others,” she shared. She also plans to purchase more and more distressed properties and then sell them for right at market value, all while continuing to give those who are less fortunate an opportunity to purchase a home.

To learn more about the opportunities Brittany has to offer, please contact her.

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