Bunch’z Sweet Eat’z

by Terry Watson | September 16th, 2016
Ki’Nyaa Bunch (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Ki’Nyaa Bunch (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Ki’Nyaa Bunch is not only a person but a brand. She also has a vision for a business that will accelerate her desserts, Mz. Bunche’z Sweet Eat’z, to be available in a national chain of restaurants.

It all began in the fall of 2013 after Ki’Nyaa overcame many of life obstacles such as spontaneously relocating to Greensboro, N.C. from Ossining, N.Y., and even becoming homeless and unemployed with an 11-year-old daughter. She had a very limited amount of finances, support and resources, and no one to turn to for help after the people who encouraged her to come to Greensboro later turned their backs on her upon arrival.

After being denied assistance from the government and local churches, she had to find a way to provide and stay afloat. It was a “go hard or go home” situation and Ki’Nyaa knew she wasn’t going home. “After speaking to my late, Grandma Annie Bunch, she told me to pray and cook with love. Once I applied her advice to my life, my situation started to change,” she says. “I started meeting people who needed and wanted to eat.” By October 2013, she was so grateful for the people who had helped her and began to think of ways to thank them. Still surviving with very limited resources, she decided to bake everyone a cake.

““I had no clue what I was doing, however I took my grandmothers advice, prayed and did it with love,” she says. “The feedback was OK, but it wasn’t good enough, so I set my sights even further. She started baking for random people including school secretaries, social workers, homeless shelters, and anyone who she thought would appreciate an act of kindness. The responses were so positive that people started contacting her to purchase cakes for the holiday seasons, and she’s been rolling ever since.

Mz. Bunche’z Sweet Eat’z dessert line is her main attraction which consists of fresh baked cakes, cookies, brownies, cake jars and cupcake bouquets. Homemade ice cream and smoothies are in the works to be added to her inventory. “I have recently started doing weekly meal planning for clients that don’t have time to prepare their own meals. I also do single meals as well as family meals for a week,” she says.

Ki’Nyaa says her life has been mostly impacted by her family, especially her brother Lamont, sister Naomi, and daughter Akiera. Others who have poured into her include a few friends and her spiritual advisor, Pastor Zeb Talley, lll. She says Pastor Talley saw a business in her and took a chance by allowing her to provide her signature desserts for his book signing. It helped put a jump start into something that she thought would take a lot longer to progress. “My biggest inspirations are the social media sweet groups, particularly the Facebook forum, “The Sweet Success Project”, started by Cydni Mitchell of Atlanta, Ga. “It has helped me with the business portion of my business, from time management, contracts, pricing, and promoting and marketing,” she says.

In the next five years Ki’Nyaa says she would love to see her desserts and meals featured on TV shows and in nationally distributed magazines. Some of the most profound advice she says she has received came from Chef Schonberg of Chef Schonberg’s Sweets in Baton Rouge, LA. She told her to find her niche and perfect it, and her niche is going to be what she loves to do. Another very successful entrepreneur from Greensboro told Ki’Nyaa that her excellence isn’t by accident.

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