Business Or Expensive Hobby

Ron Smith | March 11th, 2015
Ronald Smith

Ronald Smith

If you were given the opportunity to attend a seminar with executives in your field of interest that are willing to give you information to help you be successful, would you attend? If you are passionate about your craft, I am sure you would make the necessary investment in yourself to get there. There is one profession that I know of that has such a thing and that is the music industry. I have been to several music industry conferences for independent artists that gave great information but the harsh reality is not many artist took advantage of the opportunity. I encounter many artists that say, “they want to do music full-time,” which would make them have a business, in reality their actions say they just have an expensive hobby. The question to be raised is how hungry are you to achieve the level of success you desire?

We put God in our equation of dreams, which in turn, He is the one that gave them to us. The misconception is that we feel He will do everything for us when in his word he says, “He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand, but the hand of the diligent maketh rich” (Proverbs 10:4).” One way of being diligent is investing in yourself and learning all you can about your craft or your field of interest. If you are in the gospel music industry, there are two awesome conferences you should attend: the North Carolina Gospel Announcers’ Guild on May 27-30 in Greensboro N.C., and the Independent Gospel Artist Alliance on July 9 – 11 in Chesapeake, Va.

Investing in yourself as an artist shows that you value the dream God has given you. There are no “holy hook ups,” when it comes to investing in yourself because you will not appreciate the final outcome when there is no real sacrifice. In business the goal is to make a return on your investment and something extra. In order to do that you must position yourself so when preparation meets opportunity success occurs. What are your motives for being in the music industry? If you cannot answer that question then you have more of an expensive hobby than a business.
In conclusion, if you are a Gospel/Christian artist ask yourself these questions, what are my goals for my music and how hungry am I to achieve them. Do not be like some artist cutting corners and not going through the process of success. They eventually become frustrated and quit the vision God has given them because of the work that had to be done to make it come to pass. God said he will never leave you, nor forsake you.

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