Cable Dickerson

by Terry Watson | November 14th, 2018
Cable Dickerson

Cable Dickerson

Author Cable Dickerson describes herself as a woman determined to show love, honor, respect and appreciation to her creator with her life. She is also very expressive and openly displays with the world, every talent and gift placed inside her. Those close to her would say Cable is charismatic, innovative, supportive, and unstoppable.

She is also a natural go-getter and United States Army Veteran who quickly rose with her ranks to Private (E-0) to Sergeant (E-5) in just three years. She has also received her Cosmetology License, Medical Assistant License, and written and produced two stage plays. If that wasn’t enough, she has also found the time to act in multiple productions, speak at conferences, write two books all while embracing the best gift of all ― motherhood.

Cable began writing poems as a child for fun. She also has a love for acting. While searching for play auditions one day, she was unable to find anything. So, she decided to write her own play and one thing led to another, and here she is today, an author and much more.

One of the books she’s written “Love Me the Right Way” tell a story of love. It has a section dedicated to singles and one for couples. “I believe as a single person, you must love yourself first and not put the responsibility onto others to complete and validate you” she says. For couples, the book gives reminders of what the Bible instructs in regards marriage. It has testimonies from couples and a romantic feature that shares ideas on how to keep the love alive in their marriage. She recently released her second book, “Freeing My Butterfly” which is about teaching individuals how to transform into the best they can be. Cable says, “When I think of transformation, I reflect on that of what a caterpillar goes through. It not only transforms outwardly, but its abilities change as well. It goes from crawling and only seeing things at a certain level to flying and seeing things from a higher perspective once it transforms into a butterfly. It has a whole new life that began in the egg, waiting to see and experience this thing called life. As a caterpillar, it ate a lot. If we compare our lives to that, we eat a lot as well. We must in order to grow. We all have felt like the caterpillar at some point. The next stage is the hardest. For humans, no matter how hurt we are, we would rather be around someone instead of being alone. This phase is the cocoon stage. It may look peaceful on the outside, but it is a lot happening on the inside. The outside cannot be disturbed, or the metamorphosis might not take place. We must get alone and away from negative things, so we can focus on our healing and the transformation. There is no point of trying to heal and get negative things out of our heart when it keeps getting deposited. The last stage is becoming the ‘Beautiful Butterfly’. When you see a butterfly, you think of freedom. I pray this book will not only help others to see their true outer beauty, but also help them release the best in them, including abilities never known. I pray is that others will find freedom, peace, and joy from reading this book.”

“I love to act, perform, dance, and hang with my family. I have a heart for women and children. As an author and a person, I am very honest and straightforward. My passion is to help women see the greatness within themselves,” she says. “One of my purposes in life is to bring good news to people. That’s why I work so hard. My goal is help individuals in despair find a way out of their situation. This means helping the homeless, the hopeless, and those who need to be loved. I am a person who smiles bigger when I see someone else smile.”

Cable wants everyone to live freely, and not be bound by hurt, pain and bitterness. As an author, her works are intended to shed light on some of the pain that others, and even herself has experienced in life. “This project is so important to me because it is my life and that’s why it is more than a book, it is a movement,” she says.

Cable is currently working on retreats, a touring workshop and other products. There is also the “Freeing My Butterfly Healing Baskets” which Includes a blanket (to wrap yourself up in love), a pillow (to hold on to, hug or even punch when you angry in the process), tissue (to wipe your eyes in the sad times), a book, a pen and some chocolate (cause that always makes a girl feel better). The Basket will be available to purchase November 20th, 2018. Individuals can also make their own personalized basket by adding any of Cable’s products separately. Tour dates for the “Freeing My Butterfly Monologue” will be released in December.

Moving forward, Cable says she plans on making “Freeing My Butterfly” a national movement. “There are ladies all over that need to know there worth,” she says. She is also opening a travel agency business called “Travel Free Butterfly”.

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