Calling on God Does Not Burden Him

by Terry Watson | May 10th, 2014
Terry Watson – Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

After learning about the story of the young boy who was kidnapped and released after serenading his captor’s ears with gospel music, over and over again, it reinforced my belief in the power of God’s name.

The story says that young, Willie Myrick was kidnapped from outside his home but was freed after he annoyed his kidnapper by singing a gospel song for three straight hours. That song was, “Every Praise,” by Gospel recording artist, Hezekiah Walker. While in the car, Willie said he sang the gospel song for hours, until the kidnapper kicked him out of the car. I can only imagine how the presence of God showed up in that vehicle protecting young, Myrick and filling the kidnapper’s heart with conviction. It proves that even the face of evil still fears God.

I’ve found myself in troubling situations before. There have also been moments when I didn’t call on God, but instead I did what I wanted to do. That only made things worse and my mouth was a weapon used against me. I hadn’t grown to the point where patience could soothe my worries. I conformed and paid a hefty price for doing so.

I believe that God puts us in such situations as a means to test our faith and for us to see who is really in control of our circumstance. Because God is faithful, He has given me opportunity after opportunity to pass the tests. Like many times before, I’ve felt pressured and really wanted to handle things like “Terry”. Yet, I sat still and prayed and conversed with God, asking Him to convene on my behalf. “God please handle this for me. Give me words to say and thoughts to think,” I told myself. Before I knew it, God fixed everything and blessed me right in the midst of my storms. I learned that I don’t burden God when I call on Him. That is what He wants us to do.

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