Calvine’s Coffee

by Terry Watson | July 14th, 2017
Calvine Frazier (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

Calvine Frazier (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

When Calvine Frazier was a young girl, her parents sent her along with her sibling to spend Summer vacations with her grandparents in Florence South Carolina. There were sugar canes, pecan trees and other fun things for her to immerse herself in, but her most favorite was to pick and sell pecans. These were vacations she looked forward to mainly because she would get to smell the aroma of coffee perking on a wood stove, and witness her grandmother and mother sitting at a small table with a bible, praying, laughing and having loving conversation.

It was during one of those vacations that Calvine knew it was time for her to get a sip out of that cup and see exactly what was making them laugh. That was a sip that would change her life forever.

Calvine realized that she would one day become a house hold name. This was due do in part to her telling anyone she met to remember her name, promising that it will be famous one day. Blessed wth the namesake of her father, whom she says was a giving and compassionate figure that embedded the importance of family and church into her, Calvine had no choice but to strive for excellence.

Her mother showed her how to be resilent in any circumstance and to perserve over any obstacles that may present itself. As a wife, mother and grandmother, she continues to live by those same principles they taught her.

“I have never forgot the taste nor the aroma of my grandmothers coffee. When we would take family vacations I visited different coffee shops, anxiously trying to find my childhood experience,” she says. This venture was unsuccessful, so Calvine decided to blend her own instead.

Her goal was to make people change the way they think about coffee. In 2015, she launched Calvine’s Coffee, a gourmet specialty roast blend of coffee beans from many origins around the world, including small farms and farmers. Their beans are roasted in small batches in a SanFranciscan Artisan roaster which infuses a gentle roast to every bean. She offers unique roasts and blends that matches the quality and taste profile her clients desire.

Calvine selects the ‘Grade 1’ beans for every batch and give meticulous attention and precise detail to ensure quality and consistency. They use a state of the art packing process that includes foil lined bags and new zip bags with a degassing valve that promotes a longer coffee life up to one year. Her company acknowledge small farms and farmers who are part of the Certified Rainforest Alliance Fair Trade and Direct Trade.

Calvine’s Coffee blends are deeply rooted in Calvine’s family heritage. Viola Bold takes the heritage of Calvine’s Signature blend and adds a bold finish with slight vanilla, and named after her grandmother Viola.

Marylicious Original Blend is a medium-dark city plus roasted while maintain the dark chocolate with rich texture and a slightly almond dry finish, and named after her mother Mary. Medium-Krystalight focuses on consistently providing the best medium-light roasted cup with flavors like Caramel with a bright beginning to each sip, and is named after her daughter Krystal. Calvine’s Signature is a dark roast specialty blend of smooth silky almond berry coffee with a great baked chocolate finish, her original blend and perfect example of a balanced cup.

Calvine’s Coffee strives to satisfy coffee lovers all over the world including Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Texas, Washington D.C., South Carolina and North Carolina. It can be found at Williams-Sonomna in Charlotte every other Saturday for free samples and purchase. It is also the proud coffee resident for Little Rock African American Cultural Center for all events. “I am a huge advocate for Black Economics. I would love to see Calvine’s Coffee impacting our neighborhoods by creating jobs and circulating money back into the African American community,” she says.

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