Camika Jones and Gemtastic Jewels Boutique

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2018
Camika Jones

Camika Jones

Camika Jones of Memphis, TN is naturally shy but direct when needed to be. She genuinely loves all people and wears her heart on her sleeve. Most people who know her would say she is open minded, down to earth, socially conscious and very positive. She also believes that anyone can do anything just as they set their minds out to do it. She has applied all of these remarkable qualities to a her life in which has birthed a business, Gemtastic Jewels. Gemtastic Jewels is a boutique that provides affordable quality clothing and jewelry for women.

“Gemtastic Jewels was designed to help empower and support women through retail therapy in a world that tells us we’re invaluable. Being Gemtastic is a feeling. It means having the confidence to know who you are and know your worth. You’re a jewel, a gem, and a diamond in the rough. Your style is your story. It is my goal to help you tell your story,” Camika says. Additionally, Gemtastic Jewels Boutique provides affordable quality clothing and jewelry for women. Camika also provides interior design services to help create dream spaces for women in their personal style. Their products and services are geared towards the everyday woman. Whether they are attending a red-carpet event, needing something for work or church, just hanging out with the girls, date night or just changing your interior space, Camika prides herself in being ready to serve.

Camika started her business in her home in 2013, under the name Goddess Couture. She later moved the business to a hair salon. After failing health conditions, she let the business go. In 2016, her position in banking was phased out so she decided to resume her passion for fashion. “I took some of my severance, stepped out on faith and rented a small office suite in Collierville. It was in a high traffic area, but it was upstairs. I changed the name to Gemtastic Jewels Boutique, revamped the space and used my social media presence to draw customers in. By God’s grace and the support of my loyal customers, I was able to move to a bigger space downstairs surrounded by salons that cater to women,” she says.

Camika also points out the support and love from her husband, Deveckio, who has been right by her side during this journey. “Not only does my husband encourage me, but he keeps me grounded. He knows when to be my husband, my best friend, and my pastor. I can recall the day of the grand opening when I was nervous and wondered if all of my advertising to draw customers in would come into fruition. He pulled me to the side and reminded me to trust in the Lord and lean not unto my own understanding. He also reminded me of how proud he was of me,” she says. “Without God, I can do nothing, but with my husband on my side, I know I have someone else to help me carry the torch.”

While Camika continues to grow her business, there are many challenges she has faced and learned to overcome. These include diversifying her client base, growing revenue and missed traffic. Due to her working a full-time job and being able to only accept appointments at the boutique after five o’clock, and opening on Saturdays, she often misses the potential walk-in clients. She also understands her success is rooted in identifying the opportunities to grow and creating a strategy to capture them.

Camika advises anyone who may have a desire to start a business to seek God first. Next, count the cost. She points out there will be countless hours of research needed to be conducted, as well as lots of sleepless nights. “You will lose seasonal friends and support won’t always come from those you expect. Never give up and always remember why you started. If God gave you the vision, he will also give you the provision,” she says.

In the future she plans to hire a full-time employee, expand her home décor section and add a children’s department, while making Gemtastic Jewls a one stop destination for women on the go!

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