Candice Lockhart

by Terry Watson | September 20th, 2021
Candice Lockhart

Candice Lockhart

When the word excellency is mentioned, it’s usually associated with something that is considered to be outstanding or possessing valuable quality. Candice Lockhart strives to embody those exact qualities in the core of her business, Excellency Boutique.

Candice can be best described as someone who wears many hats. She is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, trailblazer, pioneer, and innovator. She is also a model, stylist, and the founder/CEO of Excellency Boutique, a platform where stylish and exquisite clothes can be purchased, but also a hub that is used for building relationships (including sisterhood and friendships) with women all over the world.

“Excellency Boutique is well known for personalizing ladies’ style. We add elegance to any event you are attending, including church, weddings, date night, or a simple gathering with friends. We have something for the working woman, the sophisticated woman, the wife, and the mothers. Whomever it may be, we have excellent attire just for you,” Candice shares.

Born and raised in Jackson, MS, Candice realized that she loved modeling and fashion at an early age. She recalls something that impacted her life and would lead to what she is living out today.
“Several years ago, I remember working at someone else’s store. I told someone I wanted my own boutique. I was patient and used that opportunity to sow a seed into their business. As life happened, the opportunity for me to express my love for fashion with others presented itself, and I was ready for it,” she says.

She got started right before the Covid 19 pandemic. Candice says she forgot about the seed she had sowed. However, she was reminded of what she had said about having her own boutique, and after spending time meditating on the word of God, she the time was present for Excellency Boutique.

Candice says Excellency Boutique is a result of God’s favor. “I saw the way the economy was going and I did not feel comfortable with letting someone decide my financial stability. I wanted to show women we can have style and modesty, all while being faith-based. More than anything, I wanted to build a legacy for myself and the generations after me.” This includes her 11 year old daughter who photographs all of her photos. “Being able to work with her is amazing,” Candice says.

Candice is an encourager at heart and uses her own experiences, triumphs, and challenges to lead those in her presence closer to their purpose. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Candice finds time to manage and lead Kingdom Jewels. Kingdom Jewels is a mentoring ministry that encourages and motivates God’s daughters to build character, humility, and integrity. She does this by assisting them in identifying their purpose and showing them how to execute their goals.

To learn more about Candice Lockhart and the Excellency Boutique, please visit their website.

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