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by Tonya Dixon | November 17th, 2015
Tara Wilson

Tara Wilson

Tara Wilson has always maintained some type of part-time business or side gig, but nothing she has ever considered parlaying into a full-blown, expanded business. That is until she began making her own home-made candy apples.

Initially, she made a simple batch for her four-year-old son’s basketball team as well as for a dear friend. The response she received was beyond her wildest dreams. She couldn’t believe it, but she did recognize what it was. It was a gift from God and she wasn’t about to let it pass her by.

“It was never something I set out to do. I had no idea it would happen. It really all started with trial and error. It’s almost like God just put it right in front of me and now it has become my passion,” Wilson says.

Several months ago, Wilson officially started Candy Apple Charm where she makes custom candy apples of nearly every flavor imaginable.
Candy Apple Charm is much more than the everyday, average, cherry candy apple, although Wilson is certainly capable of producing the traditional kind. Instead, she has taken it a giant step further. It’s the special touches that she adds that simply set’s her apples miles apart from the competition.

“These aren’t the normal candy apples you will find at a fair. I was never really impressed by what I would see at fairs and stores. I feel like presentation speaks volumes. I always add something extra with a pop,” she says. “I started adding bling sticks with rhinestones and sugar crystals and oversized bows instead of just regular candy apple sticks. I always knew how to make a candy apple, but I focused on perfecting it and making it look charming [hence the name Candy Apple Charm].”

Not only do Candy Apple Charm apples look flawless, but the taste is as well. Whatever the desire, Wilson has something to delight the taste buds. With unique flavors like strawberry kiwi, Pina Colada, key lime, cotton candy, cheesecake, mango, tropical punch and many more, Wilson has outpaced her competition on taste alone.

She says she just wanted to see how different flavors would taste with the apple. She assumed it would be a stretch combining flavors like pineapple or cotton candy with an apple, but to her delight and surprise she learned they, along with other flavors make for wonderful combinations. Using only fresh apples, Wilson says her candy apples can easily last up to seven days if properly stored in a refrigerator.

Initially, she admits she didn’t know what she had gotten herself into. Could this really be something she should seriously consider, she questioned. At first she wasn’t quite sure, but when her inbox and phone “blew up” following a custom NC A&T “Aggie Pride” order she was certain she had found her niche and certainly a wide open market.

“Some of the requests I have gotten from people I had never actually done, but my response will always be yes, because I’m just confident in myself and what I can do. Everything is like a new project for me and I just let my creativity flow,” Wilson says.

Her creativity has led to some pretty amazing masterpieces (because they truly are like works of art). Envision Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Redskin, Minnie Mouse, Halloween or even grown and sexy themed candy apples. The possibilities are limitless and with Wilson’s imagination they are absolutely obtainable. She notes candy apples are the perfect compliment to the candy buffets that have become wildly popular for special events.

And while Wilson certainly has Candy Apple Charm on the move, she reveals that she can’t take all the credit for herself. As somewhat of a combined contributing consultant and quality control, she says that her son Jayce plays a vital role in the business.

“My son has always been my go-to person for anything I have to do that pertains to kids or kid themes because he’s up to date on all the cartoons. He’s also my taste tester. I always have to leave one to the side for him whenever I’m making some [apples],” she says.

Candy Apple Charm can already be found at various high schools, festivals and events from Charlotte to Danville, VA and Wilson has major plans for expansion even into her own storefront, but she isn’t waiting to get the word out. The business already has a large following evidenced by its growth and popularity in the social media sphere and even sell-out dates.

Beginning in November the customer-friendly Candy Apple Charm website will roll out as well as Wilson’s new line of gourmet candy apples, which will include delicious chocolate varieties, caramel, nuts and mouth-watering mixtures and combinations of them all.

With a very reasonable price-point beginning around four dollars each and special pricing per dozen it’s hard to resist the sweet (and possibly sour depending on the request), crispiness of Candy Apple Charm.

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