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by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2018
Nicole Cater (Photos by Greg Carsone)

Nicole Cater (Photos by Greg Carsone)

Imagine having a trusted go-to person for your every need, whether it’s business or personal. You don’t have to imagine it. Catering 2 You Kingdom Business gives you a U.S. based virtual assistant who thrives from servicing your needs by taking care of your to-do list for a fraction of the cost of a full time executive assistant.

Fresno, CA resident Nicole Cater is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Catering 2 You Kingdom Business, LLC. Its primary objective is to be an Administrative and Management Virtual Service Corporation geared towards aiding small businesses in growth. Known for its unique approach in leadership training, Nicole carries extensive experience with over 10 years in business planning, finance, human capital retention, and conflict management. She also holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor’s Degree specific to Human Resource Management, confirming that she is adequately equipped to share a variety of knowledge in today’s business realm.

Cater 2 You Kingdom Business, LLC is led by Nicole and her husband of 13 years and co-founder, Isiah whom she describes as the brains of the operation. Isiah is also the CFO. From the beginning of their marriage the couple found themselves constantly serving executives and leaders in businesses and nonprofits through administration work, process improvements, customer relations, and more. The rigors of maintaining a 16 hour a day work schedule in Corporate America pushed Nicole to make a decision that would change her life. “I did not want to be the mom whom her kids never saw,” she says. They decided to step out on faith and cut their income in half and allow Nicole to work from home. She had been using her educational background to build valuable resumes for many friends and family anyhow, so the idea made perfect sense. Business picked up quickly while at the same time many executives she had worked with in the past, and leaders that were wanting to start their business came to her for guidance and virtual servicing needs. They knew at that moment they were on to something great. Three years later they are fully incorporated into Catering 2 You Kingdom Business, LLC and the business has grown to serving business leaders and individuals nationwide. They now employ a staff of seven valuable members and have numerous satisfied companies and individuals. “We have become entirely grateful to be in the position to serve, so that those who we serve can serve others,” they said.

Some of the products and services offered by Cater 2 You Kingdom Business are Virtual Assistance Servicing, Recruitment and Staffing Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Social Media Management, Non Profit Servicing, and individual Resume Booster Servicing. Nicole says, “Our products are geared towards that small business or nonprofit team that is in need of help but not ready for the full time staffing or skilled in such. We often find that our greatest clients are the one man’s shop trying to do it all. They may be great at designing the T-shirt, but not as efficient with keeping track of customer payments or even know how to market themselves”.

Nicole teaches self-published courses of leadership and development training around the nation. She imparts on caring for consumers and meeting the needs of business efficiency.

One focused area Nicole offers is teaching her clients how to double their productivity. “By passing the baton on your repeatable processes like scheduling, creating forms to virtual executive assistants, you’ll get more out of every day by spending more time on strategy with your team and partners,” she says. Another tool she offers to her clients is teaching them how to grow their professional networks. “Our virtual executive assistants help grow your business network through contact relationship and influential management,” she says. Their Resume Boosting Service assists their clients in building quality resumes and cover letters. “Resume writers are not just professional writers, they are experts in making your resume stand out from the rest of the applicant pool. Your resume is your first impression,” Nicole says.

Nicole’s joy for life and loving nature stems from a tragedy that altered her life forever. After experiencing the unexpected passing of her first born, Nicole’s foundational faith and beliefs through her healing process gave her a new found understanding of the Power of True Love. Serving others has become Nicole’s natural gift in which she finds her joy within. While being a wife to Isiah, Nicole is a mother of four beautiful children. “I am totally devoted to helping others succeed. The receiver has reached a far greater potential than they could have on their own. The world has been bettered and has been given a life-giving model to emulate. The giver is remembered fondly and is often publicly (and privately) thanked for their contribution. A stranger is likely to be the recipient of the original receiver “paying it forward,” she says.

In the future Nicole and Isiah plan to keep making an impact in the lives of other leaders and executives by serving them in love. Nicole says, “A servant leader exemplifies love and care. You got to give it up. You got to give people love. We hope to open our Bay area location as well as one in Texas.” Contact Cater 2 You Kingdom Business today and allow them to service your virtual administrative needs.

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