Change When Necessary

by Terry Watson | April 29th, 2015
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

There are a lot of things that I wish that I could change about my life. I have a lot of wishes
and an equal amount of hope to match it. I have regrets but I have gained from my losses as well. However,
one important thing I have learned is that I often missed the message or reason for the change
while things were changing in my life and around me. I believe that this happened because instead
of embracing the change, I got confused and lost during the chaos that happened as a result of it.

If change is to be successful, an option must be presented that enhances, resolves, alleviates,
completes, transforms or challenges what traditionally has accepted to be the norm. The option must
also answer the questions that were vacated during the previous trial. Change will never happen if
you continue the same course and ignore and make excuses for the source of the problem. Yet it can
happen, if you are presented with an alternate route and take it.

Change happens when someone decides to turn their losses into gains and start from scratch. This
can be in friendships or relationships, occupation or living arrangements. If you are tired of
looking a certain way, change your outward appearance. If you want to change what comes out of you,
then your change must come from the inside.

The ending of something always creates a new beginning. Before executing your plan of action, it’s
very important to clearly understand what it is that you are trying to relinquish and eventually

Preparation is just as important as performance, so plan accordingly. If you only change three of
your badly worn tires, surely don’t expect your ride to totally be smooth as it would be with four.
When you move on, leave everything at the place where you realized that your life would be a lot
better if you onlycould change something about it.

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