Chanice Reid

Dorjae' McClammey | September 20th, 2021
Chanice Reid (Photos by CCalvin A. Brown)

Chanice Reid (Photos by CCalvin A. Brown)

Chanice M. Reid is best described as an intuitive visionary, soul-journer.

Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, she received her undergraduate in History from Caldwell University. She left her mark by contributing a new form of poetry to the literature curriculum before serving 16 years in the United States Air Force. Currently, she resides in Charleston, SC, serving select real estate clients while pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration in Financial Management at Northcentral University.

From 2010 to present, Chanice maximized her leisure time designing and executing her spiritual, financial, economic, sovereign law, wealth, and world cultural development programs.

[Spiritual Economics Intelligence]

As the nation recovered from the 2007 Banking & Housing Bubble Burst, Chanice invoked her research skills and Universal Law of Cause & Effect, thus birthing her drive for innerstanding the monetary, banking, real estate, insurance, and wealth management systems. Next, she coined “Spiritual Economic Intelligence” and the “Gunz & Butta Black Print to Economic & Financial Liberation.

An Ancient Shamanic experience in December 2018 shifted Chanice to leave active duty, return to Charleston to pursue her real estate dreams full-time. She fulfilled her real estate license requirements in 28 days, becoming a full-time REALTOR, intending to create self-sustaining, local living economies. Along with real estate, Chanice provides knowledge in wealth management and teaches clients how to maximize their income, credit, equity, and overall wealth.

Ch\anice’s differentiation factor is that she combines her cross functional knowledge, skills, experience, and abilities into the real estate sector.

With her all-encompassing life experience, Chanice combined her IAM Model and systematic approach of the Gunz & Butta Black Print to Economic & Financial Liberation. With this, she educates her property owners on five key elements to implementing their own self-sustaining banking system.

“My mission, in alignment with licensing law, is to educate clients on the residential buying and selling process. My Dharma, which is rooted in Universal Principals, drives me to empower them to learn the importance of making asset purchases. With that, the Gunz & Butta Black Print breaks down how to properly structure their cash flow, asset protection, make tax inform decisions, and enjoy a purpose-filled quality of life,” she says.

When asked what she loves most about what she does, she explained, “It’s the WOW factor that comes out when I break down cash flow and banking methods options that’s available to us, yet not included in traditional curriculums. I equip them with the knowledge to empower themselves, yet, they must apply it. Once my clients get it, their faces light up.”

As stated earlier, everything Chanice does is associated with spiritual enlightenment. Part of that includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and exercising is a big part of that. She previously served as a trainer in the Air Force, and even now, she sometimes shares videos of her workouts on her social media platform.

Moving forward Chanice’s focus is on her legacy, which is to combine all she has learned over the past decade and create a spiritual-centric, self-sustaining, local living economy rooted in the Nguzo Saba, where all inhabitants thrive.

In the end, Chanice had one more thing she wanted to share. “Our leisure time is ours. We have a choice of how we utilize it. I encourage everyone to spend time in silence; whether it’s your sanctuary, alchemist lab, or Walden Pond, make time to learn what you’re passionate about and would like to work on. Discover yourself and your greatness. Make decisions that are only in alignment with that vision. If you want to create from a space of inspiration, it’s important to get clear on what it is you want on the inside,” she says.

In her personal time, Chanice can be found at her favorite ponds, frequenting the Bali Inspired Social Sanctuary, The Wonderer, or enjoying Sunrise Meditations on Sullivan Island, and even enjoying Roll Bounce on Thursday nights at Music in Motion Skating Rink.

To learn more about Chanice M. Reid, please visit her website.

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