Chastity Vaughn

by Terry Watson | March 19th, 2020
Chastity Vaughn

Chastity Vaughn

She is an award-winning stylist who owns the moment. Chastity Vaughn of Dallas, TX first and foremost is a child of God and work-a-holmic. She is also a loving mother of three wonderful kids who prides herself on being determined.

“I come from humble means. And because of that, I believe that anything is possible if you work for it. As a business owner, I strive to be the best Entrepreneur I can be by providing quality work to each client that I have the privilege of servicing,” she says.

Chastity is the owner of S2R Hair Studio LLC, (Something 2 Remember). There, along with her team of professional stylist, Chastity provides an array of services including but not limited to all types of natural hair, sister locks, traditional locs, updos, silk press (blowouts), hair tape extensions, and more. She explains how important versatility is in her industry. Natural hair and Sisterlocks are two of Chastity’s specialties, and what she is widely known for.

“As a hairstylist, I would not want to limit myself. I want to be able to cater to my clients, on all fronts. It is my overall objective to create new and exciting looks for today’s modern woman, while offering a 5-star experience,” she says. Her versatility has evolved to her now offering a Sisterlock Coaching Program and a Business 101 class.

“I am comfortable in my own skin. I am confident in all that I do, and it’s reflected in my work. I also have a fluid personality and the ability to work with almost any type of person. I don’t dictate what services I will provide to my clients. I am open to their ideas and so when they sit in my chair, I want them to understand that it takes a team effort and collaboration to produce the look they desire,” she states.

Chastity shares that she got her start styling hair early in life. Growing up as a child in Tupelo, Mississippi, she recalls her mother, who is also a hairstylist, styling hair. While watching her over the years, she found herself infatuated with hair as well. Once old enough to do so, Chastity says she registered and attended Foster’s Cosmetology in Ripley, MS in 1998. This is where she learned everything, she needed to know about styling hair and the hair industry. “It was then that I decided to turn my dreams into reality. So, I took that knowledge, packed up and moved to Dallas in 2002, because I felt I could thrive as a young and new potential business owner,” she says.

After getting settled in Dallas, she purchased her first home and would eventually open Something2Remember Salon & Boutique. The first location Chastity operated out of her garage which was converted to a salon. As her business began to flourish, she was afforded with an opportunity to branch out and expand to a salon suite setting. That transition brought about even more business for her. From there she was able to venture out on her own and into her own Salon Studio.
“What I love most about my business are the opportunities it provides. I love catering to the needs of my clients and giving them a comfortable home away from home environment, with a touch of class and elegance,” she says. Being a mentor to others is also a passion for Chastity. She loves to share the knowledge she has obtained to help others along their journey.

While Chastity has proven herself to be a top tier stylist, there is still more that she hopes to accomplish and add to the profession overall. Some of these include education, excellent resources for live classes, and web-based tutorials and podcast. “I believe that investing in myself and my business is what has led to the many open doors. The struggles that I’ve endured have also played a major role. I am truly thankful for my struggles because without them, I would have never found my strength,” she confesses.

Another important ingredient for success Chastity shares is to surround herself with people who are smarter than she is. “It helps to push me. I am committed to pushing myself to stay ahead of the trends by taking tons of education classes that fall in line with my profession. Remaining humble helps me to remain grounded and focused and reminds me that no matter how successful I become as an entrepreneur, there is always room for improvement.”

Being a business owner is very important and personal for Chastity. “It is something that I worked hard for, and no one can take it away from me. As a businesswoman, I wear different hats that influence my professional goals. I wear the hat of a mother first, and the hat of an entrepreneur, and mentor. As a strong businesswoman, I have not lost sight of the struggles and where I came from, because it was those trials that fueled me and instilled in me the drive and determination necessary to succeed,” she says.

Moving forward, Chastity has set her eyes on cementing her legacy by helping others. “Success and growth take hard work, and not everyone understands this tough journey. At S2R Hair Studio, we welcome anyone who is looking to grow in their own personal journey. For those who are getting started, stay patient in your own journey. With growing your business from the ground up, one cannot expect to make money in the beginning. As a matter of fact you will probably spend more time getting your business off the ground, but the key is to persevere and believe in your vision and mission. Keep working hard and Investing in yourself and your business and eventually things will pay off if you’re consistent,” she says.

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