Chef Carlos Brown

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2020
Chef Carlos Brown

Chef Carlos Brown

Executive Chef Carlos Brown is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of C3Culinary Group LLC. He believes that “Food that Makes You Smile” and “Saving Hospitality”.

He began cooking at the young age of eight. By the time he was 16, he was declared to be a professional. “It started at home. I was raised by two great women, my mom and grandmother,” he says. Fast forward, he eventually created the Chef Carlos brand which includes Gullah On The Go, Private Stock, Kitchen by Chef Carlos Brown, Authentic Shrimp & Grits Cafe by Chef Carlos in Atlanta, and Charleston SC. His arsenal includes Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur, Hospitality Consultant, speaker, personal and private chef, philanthropist, multi-product developer, and author.

Carlo’s career as a chef is more than food on a plate. It’s artistry, developing, teaching, and training. Under the Saving Hospitality umbrella, he shares his talents with kids who have special needs. “That’s special to me because the love bring families, communities, and homes together,” he says.

Today the impact for me is not allowing my failures to stop or slow me down. Because I realized that my cooking is more food, its an encounter! This catapult me to build a stronger career as a celebrity chef.

Chef Carlos loves food and finds inspiration in cooking. “It’s starts with having a love in our strong culture of Gullah. I believe that food is an experience. I was born in the low country. Being a black executive chef was so hard and almost never heard of. But I believed that I was born to create art. That belief pushed me to move forward, reach back, and pull others up and show that we can be whatever we desire,” he says.

Chef Carlos shares there have been some ups and downs in his career as a chef. “My wife LaShawn has been the greatest support. She has been on this joinery with me since it began. I’m grateful to be a part of history located in Smithsonian African American Museum For Authentic Shrimp & Grits in Washington DC. I am a 2020 National Black Chef Awards Culinary Excellence Award Winner, and I received the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Award Kingston Chef Scholastic Award Diamond Culinary Medal in 2017. Even more, in Charleston, August 23rd is declared Chef Carlos Brown Day,” he shares. He has also had the pleasure to work with and serve some great celebrity clients that include Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis, David Oyelowo, Shaquille O’Neal, Julius Tennon, Jim Carrey, Phyllis Newhouse, Danny Glover, US Congressman John Lewis, US Congressman Jim Clyburn, US Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Bo Jackson, Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, Susan Taylor, Teddy Bridgewater, Mack Brown, Bill Bellamy, TI, LIl Wayne, Latavius Murray, Jerick McKinnon, Fantasia, Rashaun Williams, Darlene McCoy, and many more.

Some of the challenges Chef Carlos has faced have been investors, who tend to run away from restaurants because most restaurant fails. “That happens when owners don’t understand the concept of hospitality or how to effectly run this business,” he says. “We have developed a winning concept to be successful.”

Moving forward , Chef Carlos plans to open new restaurants and expand the Chef Carlos brand that includes several products. He also plans to work with kids who have special needs, juveniles, and continue to share his talents with schools.

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