Chef Eli Townsend Is Cooking Up Something Good in Memphis, TN

by Terry Watson | November 14th, 2018
Chef Eli Townsend

Chef Eli Townsend

Culinary Chef, Elijah Townsend of Memphis, TN is a light passionate, joyous vessel who is all about positive change. He doesn’t hesitate to admit that he is also a “goofy and flawed human”, but he seems to be doing very well with taking life at the speed of which it comes to him.

“As a chef, I am at my best. I have a mild streak of ‘Gordon Ramsay’ that only comes out every so often,” he says. “I am a culinary instructor, caterer, and social entrepreneur that uses food as a vehicle to help bring equity and opportunity into our communities.”

Eli’s journey and love affair with food began at the age of eight when a local bookmobile came to the apartment that he lived in. He began to check out cookbooks from the rolling library and soon discovered the world of food.

“My community inspires me. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to share my gifts and talents with people. I hope that my food and creations will ignite something positive in their lives,” he says. He credits his mother for being the most impactful person of his career. He also acknowledges his sister for pushing him to be his best self. Art Up founder, Linda Steele and Kim Moore of Art Space Eli says has really helped him to use his gifts and talents.

“What I love most about what I do is grasping and understanding the power that food possesses. It is a part of every aspect of our lives, whether at a celebration, or sorrow, or for nourishment, food speaks its own universal language. Food has the ability to take us to places that we may never physically be able to go, but through our taste buds, we can experience other cultures and really get the essence of how people live,” Eli says.

His future plans are to create a Lifestyle brand. “I really want to bring back a certain class and etiquette to how we approach food I think food has the ability to bring about much-needed conversations. I’d like to use my platform as a means to have those conversations with people. I also plan on having my own You Tube series called “At the Table” of which I will meet with city officials and everyday people and discuss ways to solve much-needed issues within Memphis,” he says.

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