Children First Development Center

by Tonya Dixon | March 11th, 2015
Gloria Mitchell and the Kids of Children First (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Gloria Mitchell and the Kids of Children First (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Children First Development Center is a facility that is committed to putting children first in all things. It is an inviting atmosphere where children, parents and staff can experience a warm and loving environment. It is also a developmental center where teachers and caregivers promote children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development by providing interesting materials and experiences. In addition, it encourages children to explore and experiment using resources in different ways.

Children First Development Center began in October 1998, in High Point, N.C. and later relocated to Greensboro in November 2009. The directors and founders of the day care center are Gloria Mitchell, executive director and Dontay Mitchell, marketing director. The center offers summer camp programs for children ages five through 12, state approved developmentally appropriate curriculums for infants through pre-kindergarten. In addition, they also offer tutoring sessions and art classes.

Gloria explains that she loves it when she walks into the center in the morning and the children began to greet her with hugs and good mornings. “It always makes my day regardless of what I may have to face that day. God always uses the children to remind me of how grateful we should be,” she says. “Also, I love to observe the children with their teachers while they are focused on learning through exploring, playing and experimenting.”
The Mitchells are inspired daily by trusting and believing in the Lord with all of their hearts and learning to not lean on their own understanding, but fully relying on the Lord. Through their faith, they have been given the opportunity to serve and to be givers.

The center has provided quality care for more than 10 years and has maintained a four-star program with reports of high scores of children entering school. The program has also provided scholarships to three families and has provided jobs and affordable daycare to parents.

Some of the challenges the center has faced in the past is keeping up with the economy and meeting the demands of the community. However, with their strong faith and perseverance their main goal is to keep God first in whatever they plan to achieve. They also remain focused on keeping the children and parents first in their facility.

“The success of the children in our center is very important to us. As an elementary educator, I have learned that the foundation plays a major role in a child’s life,” says Gloria. “I believe the foundation for infants, toddlers and preschoolers are critically important to their success later in life. I believe what children learn between birth and the time they start kindergarten lays the foundation for their learning and development for years to come.”

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