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Marissa Dick | May 22nd, 2018
Christian Anderson (Photos by Toni Shaw)

Christian Anderson (Photos by Toni Shaw)

Nurse by professional trade but music manager by God’s design. Meet Jessica Williams, owner and operator of J Girl Entertainment a Christian based music entertainment company that specializes in promoting gospel artists and coordinating quality events. They are located in Greensboro, NC. Its mission is to bring national and local gospel artists together. Their goal is to uplift the Christian music entertainment industry and inspire people from all walks of life towards the kingdom of God. Jessica’s intention is to utilize her platform for “changing the lives of people using gospel music, spoken word, and comedy to turn them in the direction of God.” Through this venue she aspires to build meaningful community relationships and support local charities.

So, what inspired Jessica to create J Girl Entertainment when initially she began her professional career as a nurse? Jessica reveals that it was birthed from adversity in her life. She shares, “God really provided this vehicle for me. Before I launched my company, I was a nurse but then I lost my job and my life took a spiral downward. I wasn’t worried at first because I’m a nurse and nurses are always in high demand or so I thought. For an entire year I sought employment, but nothing ever came. It was tough. I couldn’t pay my mortgage and I almost went into foreclosure. I had to utilize the Urban Ministry and public assistance. All of this was a very humbling experience for me. But all that changed in 2012 when the Lord stepped in and blessed me with not one but two jobs. I was so grateful when He delivered me out of that season. I wanted to do something to honor Him so I thought a gospel concert would be the way to show my appreciation.” Jessica says that she only knew one gospel artist from her church and fortunately he was able to assist her. Jessica held her celebratory gospel concert during NC A&T State University’s Homecoming celebration. Since then she’s been building her brand and clientele.

Jessica wants people to know that people are aware that there are quality gospel artists and entertainment venues right here in this area. “I want people to be as equally enthused about going to a Christian venue just like they are about going to a secular club. I want to reach those millennials who think they can’t have fun at a Christian event. I want them to understand that they can dance listening to gospel music and laugh just as hard at Christian comedy. The only difference is that God is in it.”

Though Jessica tried to maintain her faith walking down this unfamiliar path she admits that her faith began to waiver; however, she relied on the fact that God had not failed her in the past and she was also reminded that Philippians 4:19 tells us that, “my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus,” and that’s exactly what God did when He brought Christian and Karyress into her life. According to Jessica, “I wasn’t receiving the support that I needed to keep going and I wondered how I was going to make this all work. Then God stepped in, again, and reminded me that I wasn’t doing this, but He was. Then out of the blue here comes Christian asking me to produce a live DVD recording for her. Honestly, I almost told her no, but I realized that was the spark I needed to get back on track again. Then here comes Karyress. She called and asked if I could be her manager. I told her that I would have to really pray about that because being a manager would be a new role for me. You know that’s something so important because you have their careers in your hands and you’re responsible for helping them meet their goals and vision. But I felt in my spirit that I could do it so I said yes. Now that I think about it they were my Philippians 4:19.” All believers should know that God is an on-time God. He will give you what you need when you need it.

Realizing that God was working on her behalf, Jessica consented to produce Christian’s live DVD and they have been working together ever since. Christian shared that she has been reared in the church from the womb and she cannot ever remember a time when she wasn’t singing. She shares, “Singing is my life. When I was small I would even sing to the preschoolers,” she chuckles. “Actually, my father was really the one who motivated me to sing because he was a Blues singer and traveled all over the world. He was also my choir director at the church I grew up in back home in Tennessee.” Counting adversity all joy is not as easily done as it is to speak those words. Christian has a story like so many people who have an anointing on their lives. That anointing is going to be tested just like oil is squeezed and pressed from the olive. Christian recalls, “When I moved to Greensboro two years ago I was going through a really tough time. I had gotten married to a man who wound up having complete control over my life. I couldn’t travel or sing at different events anymore. Then I realized I was four months pregnant and that’s when he left me. Nobody could have ever told me that my marriage would have turned out the way it did especially since I married a church man. I thought I had done everything right.” Matthew 7:7 tells us to “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

Well, Christian reflected upon this scripture and received revelation. “I just look at that part of my life as a testimony. The enemy saw a glimpse of my future and he utilized my ex-husband to try and stop my ministry. Looking back on it God told me not to marry him, but I just didn’t listen to His voice, so I had to suffer the consequences of my disobedience, but the best part is my beautiful daughter. God is so faithful. He’s opening doors again through J Girl Entertainment. I believe this is something that God wants me to do and so I’m going to be obedient this time and I’m stepping out on faith to make sure it gets done.”

Another person stepping out on faith with J Girl Entertainment is First Lady Karyress Calloway. She shares, “I met Ms. Jessica a few months ago and I believe she’s the platform I need to help bring awareness to epilepsy. I’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy since I was two years old. I’ve always struggled with insecurity and anxiety issues because of it especially since you never know when the seizures are going to come – – it’s really difficult.” Karyress has been singing professionally for seven years, but it wasn’t until recently when she realized that her writing songs and singing actually turned out to be a way to help her combat this condition. She shares, “I’m able to find peace in my spirit through writing and singing. I believe my mission is to help others find that creative piece that will help them deal with their difficult moments.” Karyress informs us that most people don’t understand that there are 40 different types of epilepsy and the seizures are different too. She says, “Just because you don’t see people falling out and foaming at the mouth doesn’t mean they aren’t having a seizure. I used to have them while I was sitting at my desk at school and I just couldn’t move, or I could be walking home from the store and wake up laying in the street. Nobody would help me because they didn’t know what was going on with me. People need to be aware of this condition and I see my music as a way to bring awareness to it.”

Jessica is encouraged with both Christian’s and Karyress’s future. She is well on her way making connections with local and national recording artists promoting events. She is also welcoming new artists and is enthused about taking them from start to finish in their new careers. Jessica says, “I enjoy finding out what their expectations are and where they want to go. They should come to the table with a mission and vision. The Bible say’s to write the vision and make it plain. Once that piece is done then we can make the plan.” J Girl Entertainment does promotions and a variety of community events. They are about building relationships and serving God. Jessica desires all to know that she loves God first and foremost. She’s also says, “I’m not perfect and I don’t always say or do everything right, but I love God and I want to see others love Him too. I see J Girl Entertainment as a way to make that happen.”

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