Christian Shipman

by Terry Watson | November 13th, 2013
Christian Shipman

Christian Shipman

Christian Shipman is a senior at Southwest Guilford High School in Greensboro. With a current GPA of 3.2 he proudly boasts that he has never failed a class, no matter how much he might have struggled. He has always been taught by his father to never except failure and God allows you to struggle to help you learn. Shipman has also learned to appreciate the reward of winning.

As part of the Drama and Piano clubs at Southwest he has been allowed to express his personality. To compliment Shipman’s personality, he also enjoys writing poetry. At tailback, Shipman is the current Team Captain for Southwest’ varsity football team. Unfortunately he suffered a season ending ankle injury earlier this season. As a junior, he averaged 16 yards per carry as a second string runner and finished the year with 531 yards. To begin his senior year, he tallied 342 yards and six touchdowns for three games, even rushing for 120 yards and two touchdowns in the first quarter of one.

“I have always been the most outstanding defensive player every year since I was six years old. I use my play to speak for me and with me being injured, I’ve had to use my vocal skills to help my team continue to stay aggressive and have faith that they can win,” he says. Shipman says this setback has humbled and made him to thank God for everything that he has.

After high school, he plans to attend college on a football scholarship and study Architectural Engineering. He hopes to one day work alongside his father Dontay Mitchell at Unity Builders Inc. and help design and build houses for families with challenged incomes. “We have so many families that need a home and I feel that I can make a difference in designing some that will save the people money and provide a place for them to enjoy and raise a family,” Shipman says.

He says that God has been such a major part of his life. He has experienced troubles and trials that he says only prayer could help him get through them. He attends New Jerusalem Cathedral in Greensboro and donates clothes and volunteers his time by feeding the homeless at shelters on the weekends.

As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise child” ― Shipman’s parents and family are doing their part. “My dad allows me to make my own decisions. He provides direction as a father to help guide me and not allow me to make mistakes. He is my trainer and has helped me become a better football player because he played the same position as I did in high school and college,” he says. In addition to his dad, he acknowledges his mother for being a constant source of encouragement, reminding him to never give up on what you want in life. “I believe with God, my mother, my dad and my grandmother I will never stay down if I fall because I will always have a supporting cast that will never allow me to give up,” says Shipman.

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