Christina Hairston

by Terry Watson | January 17th, 2019
Christina Hairston (Photos by CNH)

Christina Hairston (Photos by CNH)

Christina Hairston is an artist and activist that strongly believes in the power of creating her own spaces. As an alumna of VCUarts with a degree in Communication Arts her visual art investigates the beauty, struggle, and intersectionality of black people. Christina uses art and design as a platform to inform and unite her community. Her most recent design work can be found at the Institute for Contemporary Art. There she has designed the newspaper accompanying Paul Rucker’s exhibit “Storm in the Time of Shelter”.

“I am a motivated artist that strives to help others. I’ve always been involved with activism. Art and activism go hand in hand because art is a medium for communication, expression and a tool to inform. I have always strived to help others in any way I can,” she shares. Christina is also someone who sets goals and pursues them, without failing. She admits there have been times when she didn’t get exactly what she expected, but understands by not doing so, that it is part of the growing and learning process of life.

With her business, CNH Visual Art & Design, she offers an array of services and products. With a fine arts background from Virginia Commonwealth University, specifically In Communication Arts, her services range from custom illustrations, paintings, digital art and branding. She also offers paint sessions for groups, training and classes for design, and also sell prints of her most popular work.

Her interests in art began at an early age around, ten years old. Many artists in her family specifically her father, have encouraged and supported my interest in art. When she originally deciding on a career path, she planned to become a nurse through the support of the A.V.I.D program at Locust Grove Middle School. She obtained her CNA license in 2012 from Orange County High School and was eager to purse nursing professionally. When it was time to attend college, she found herself at Longwood University as an undeclared major because their nursing program was full, with a two-year waiting list. During that first semester she soon drifted to her creative habits and signed up to take a few art classes in the spring semester of 2013. It was then she realized her true passion was to be an artist.
“After two years at Longwood, I decided I needed a change and transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University to pursue art school. After meeting some like-minded friends, I was encouraged to get out and promote myself and my art. I started small by selling prints here and there in Richmond and began creating a fan-base of friends and professional colleagues. Now, I continually sell my work and do Graphic Design professionally for the Richmond Symphony,” she says.

Christina has many inspirations and influencers. Artistically, close friend and colleague Paul Rucker is one of her mentors who inspires her to work hard and stand for what she believes in. Professionally, her supervisor and friend Erin Frye, is one of her biggest influencers who also inspires her through her positive attitude and sound work ethic. “I honestly find inspiration in people I encounter every day, so many of us lead exemplary lives in one way or another,” she shares.

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