Cierra De’Shae

by Terry Watson | March 22nd, 2021
Cierra De’Shae (Photos by Shuniel Gadsen)

Cierra De’Shae (Photos by Shuniel Gadsen)

Come on in and rest your feet, and while you’re at it, leave your worries and burdens on the outside, and allow your mind to rest as well. This is the kind of peace and comfort that is offered at More Than Hair, a salon nestled comfortably in Huntsville, AL.

The leader and face of More Than Hair is Cierra De’Shae, a New Market, AL native. She is the oldest of four girls and describes herself as a leader and influencer to others. Most importantly, Cierra is a believer in God. She has been a professionally licensed cosmetologist for five years, and a business owner for nearly two years. “I’m an entrepreneur or Godpreneur, that is what I like to call it,” she says. “I love to empower and inspire people through my gifts and skills as a hairstylist. They all come from God, and I am only doing what He expects of me with them.”

More Than Hair is a beauty brand that aspires to inspire others beyond what’s on their crown, but also what’s inside of it. “We strive to give you an experience that shows beauty to the eye while helping to motivate your heart. We provide hair care services for our community while providing a space for them to be encouraged and empowered through whatever they may be facing,” Cierra states.

For her, it’s all about making a connection, a divine connection. Being a devout Christian herself, she always carries the word of God with her, so when the opportunity arises for her to pour into someone, she is prepared. “Often times a normal service will turn into a prayer session, right at my styling station,” she says. “I love that my business is a place where people can come and receive care for their hair, but also get an experience that leaves them feeling refreshed. “Many of my clients have walked in one way and left completely transformed.”

Cierra’s journey began as a young girl. She always had a passion for hair care and styling. This passion would carry on even after graduating high school. “I originally went to college to be a psychologist, but halfway through that journey I made the decision to pursue what I loved. I attended J.F. Drake State Technical and Community College in 2014 and graduated in 2016 and became a licensed cosmetologist shortly after. I started out with a salon in my home but later transitioned into working in commission based and sole proprietor salons. In 2019, God told me it was time to step out on my own. So, obediently, I started looking for a place that would be a good fit for me and the business that I was birthing. On June 17, 2019. More Than Hair officially opened its doors to the public,” she says.

The path of an entrepreneur isn’t an easy one. She has faced some challenges here and there, but mostly she has relied on the support of a few to make it through. Going to college to channel my craft, literally saved my life. My mother passed away during my first semester of college. Six months later we lost our home to a tornado while we were inside. Those experiences sent me spiraling down a dark path until I made the decision to go to school and focus on doing what I loved the most. Going into the hair industry gave me a new start, and a new discipline. I’m not sure where I would be if I didn’t have my business. This journey into this industry helped me to discover purpose beyond the pain I’d experienced. My prayer is that my business can provide that same kind of impact for all who encounter it,” she shares.

One might ask where one gets so much drive to do the things that Cierra does. She shares, “I have been encouraged by my family, friends, and mentors; they have all pushed and encouraged me. It’s because of them that my business is what it is today. I have also been favored with constant support of loyal clientele, and that alone is enough for me to stand on.”

Cierra says that even during the loss of her mother, and the tornado ravishing her family’s home, there isn’t much she would change about her journey. “If I could, I would focus more on the business aspect of being a salon owner and not just the skill. As a business owner, it is so important to be educated on financial literacy, because it can truly make or break your business, and significantly impacts its development and growth. I would’ve also learned more about marketing and content building. Living in a digital age has completely changed what networking looks like.
Passing out business cards is only the beginning of what your marketing should look like. I would have invested in learning these things, which would have provided a better way to build my business. I’ve learned they are just as important as focusing on honing the skills you provide behind the chair,” she shares.

Moving forward, Cierra plans to continue to grow her business into a place that offers more than just hair services. “I hope to eventually be a full-service salon that provides facials, nail care, and more. I also hope to be able to have my own building of suites, where I can employ women and men like me that have a passion to serve the community, and the beauty industry. Additionally, I desire to provide training and business workshops for new people coming into the industry and create environments for stylists to come together as a community and build each other up,” she says. There are also plans of launching a product line for healthy hair of all ethnicities. Above all, Cierra will continue to use her God-given gift to reach and touch the lives of others. She shares, this is the true focus of More Than Hair.

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