Coach Wayne Mckoy

by Terry Watson | February 20th, 2018
Coach Wayne Mckoy training a client

Coach Wayne Mckoy training a client

TRM, or The Real Mckoy, is a personal training and sports performance company. Its mission is to provide affordable options for their clients that will help in taking back their health through physical fitness and innovative avenues, all while providing a different take on working out. Their products and services include personal training with individually designed plans to fit each client’s training level and needs. They also provide group sessions and boot camps for those that want to push themselves to the next level of health and fitness. In addition, TRM offers sport specific and performance training.

Coach Wayne Mckoy is the face and force of TRM. He is a passionate individual that is dedicated to his craft. “I feel that it is my purpose and calling to reach today’s youth in a way that will strengthen their ability to make good decisions and understand that there is no substitute for hard work. I believe there is no obstacle too high that can’t be overcome. I strive to not only be the best at what I do, but to also give 100 percent of myself, all of the time,” he says.

TRM was started mainly because of his background in coaching. He would often times work with youth athletes in the offseason to help them get better. After years of doing this, and constantly researching to find a better way to teach them, Mckoy decided to start the program in order to reach more athletes.
Their services are geared towards the individual looking to improve their overall health and personal fitness, whether it’s weight loss, toning, injury prevention, or rehab. They also strive to provide an avenue for all athletes to train to get better and be successful at their particular sport. “We cater to athletes from the recreational leagues to college and beyond,” says Mckoy.

There is a reason why Mckoy pushes himself so hard. “My two-year-old son Wayne III is my ‘why’. His smile and his energy keep me going. I work hard so that when he is older, he will understand it is great to have a dream, but the feeling of reaching that dream and beyond is so much greater. He keeps me on my toes with his questions and his answers. Our favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13 which says ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’. He says it every night,” says Mckoy.

His parents Bishop Wayne Mckoy Sr. and Arlesia Mckoy are his biggest inspirations. They taught Mckoy along with his three other siblings the value of hard work, and that through prayer and faith in GOD, all things are possible. “My father retired from the military and worked for Duke Energy for almost forty years before retiring from there. He often had to be away from home due to storms and/or his obligation to the military. We never heard him complain. We never went without because while my father was working, my mother took care of the home. It helped me learn in my own way, and my own time that hard work is its own reward. I’m forever grateful for all of their lessons and generosity, both now and then,” he says.

Moving forward Mckoy plans to continue to coach, train, and mentor youth. He is looking to bring a customized facility that will enhance TRM’s current and future clientele’s training experience to the Wake County area. He hopes to provide programs and opportunities for youth in and around his surrounding community. “I feel with so many negative things going on in today’s society, it is up to us to help provide our youth with positive experiences and examples that will enhance their view of what they can accomplish,” he says.

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