Coach William Huff

by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2020
Coach William Huff (Photos by Maya Todd

Coach William Huff (Photos by Maya Todd

William Huff, aka Coach William Huff is the co-founder of Speak Life Mentorship & Life Coaching. Along with his wife Promises, they focus on providing Total Life Coaching services that address concerns within individuals reaching their goals mentally, physically, financially, socially, and professionally. Their life coaching packages include services and products such as direct one-on-one coaching (via phone or virtually) sessions, personal Speak Life Journal, customized plans, copies of Speak Life Literature, gifted Speak Life Swag Bags, special discounts within programs, and certificates of completion.

The dynamic duo officially started Speak Life in March 2020. “I have been life coaching since 2004. As an educator and athletic coach, I found myself coaching young kids, both middle and high school, and some adults in making real life decisions for the best positive result possible,” he shares.

Speak Life Mentorship & Life Coaching host a number of influential in-house programs such as FIME (First Impressions Mean Everything) Business Marketing Solutions, a graphic designs and production program offering services such as customized logos, business cards, flyers, business plans/proposals, websites, book publishing, and more. They also offer We Are One (1) Investment Group, a financial coaching program offering services to build financial wealth portfolios. The portfolios include a confidential financial plan, education towards debt elimination, income protection, legal services, insurances, investments, real estate, and income opportunities. There is the My Health Matters, serves as an accountability program offering health tips, virtual workout groups, health coaching, and more.

Coach Huff first and foremost is a child of God. He is a devoted husband, father, son, brother, friend, and citizen. He is a reflection of amazing parenting that installed respect, humility, morals, and comedy. His mother, Phyllis Huff, and father, Charles Huff raised him to be a family man who is dedicated to leaving a legacy for future generations. He is an educator that aides and assists young coachable minds with maturing into their goals and dreams. His coaching arm has grown to that of athletics coach, a Certified Life, Business, Entrepreneurship, Financial, Marriage, and Family Coach.

Coach Huff is loyal, honest, humble, genuine, real, and a servant at heart. His love for people is paramount in his quest to answering his call. “I’m a Black King and a billionaire in the making. I choose to uplift and encourage my brothers to step into their kingship and live their destiny. I am who God says I am. I am Coach William Huff,” he says.

What keeps the wheels turning in Coach Huffs’ life one might ask? He is quick to credit his wife and business partner, Promises. “My wife, hands down. I wish everyone could see what she means to my life. God blessed me with the perfect wife. She is truly my diamond, my jewel, and my rock, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She speaks life into the king in me and handles me as a King should be handled by his Queen. She is the best part of me. She is priceless. Without her, there is no telling where I would be,” he says. He also acknowledges his mother, Phyllis Huff for playing a huge role in his life. “She was my very first super hero. She taught me how to endure, stay humble, keep moving, and be clutch for my family and those around me,” he says. Currently, his mother isn’t in good health and a portion of their proceeds are going towards research in establishing a cure for Dementia and Alzheimer’s. His father he says, taught him to stand as his own man, and to protect and defend his wife and kids. “He taught me to stand up for what I believe in, and to always treat others with love, respect, and care. Through all the ups and downs of my life, whether we agreed or disagreed, he has always been a father to me and for me. I love you mom and dad,” he shares.

The opportunities that his career offers are very rewarding, Coach Huff says. He loves the fact that he’s stepping and operating in what God wanted and instructed him to do. “I’m able to witness clients’ transformations to living a better them. I enjoy the simplicity of our operations. We do not offer employment or job openings. Instead, we offer entrepreneurship and partnership opportunities. In this manner, as we assist others grow their business, our business grows as well,” he says.

There are many great things that are happening in the future for Speak Life Mentorship and Life Coaching. They are launching a new virtual talk show to showcase new businesses today. The show is entitled “Whatcha GOT”. This platform will serve as a resource for new businesses to market, promote, and advertise their business as a guest on the show, an advertisement slots in their commercial segments, or both. It is a partnership to increase the awareness of their clients businesses, promote their growith, and as they grow, so will Speak Life. They are also producing another virtual talk show entitled “Let’s Talk Tuesdays”. This show serves as a platform for us adults to have real discussions about their everyday issues ranging in topics of dealing with procrastination, marriages built on true friendship, women, men, single mothers, single fathers, responsibilities, being black in America, and more. They also have a reality show in the making to be tied to their ‘My Health Matters’ program. The show will be an opportunity to build a community of people who struggle with weight loss, and who are willing to work together to hold each other accountable in order to build a more health cautious population. Lastly, Coach Huff has coauthored a book with his wife, “You Were Built For This”. His second book is scheduled to be released in early 2021.

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