Come Walk With Me

by Terry Watson | March 8th, 2012
Odell Cleveland

Odell Clevaland (Photo by Odell Cleveland)

When someone invites you to come and walk with them, usually, you think that the person wants to share something very important with you. That isn’t necessarily the case when Reverend Odell Cleveland does it. An already established author amongst other things, he has wriiten another book, Come Walk With Me, ‘A True Story of a Young Boys Incredible Journey from Tragedy to Triumph’. In the book he shares something very important with the reader. His personal life’s journey. How a young African American male that was raised by a poor, divorced, single mother was able to navigate the snares of poverty and stereotypes to succeed in life.

As told by Reverend Odell Cleveland:
I can honestly say that I have no memories of my father ever living under the same roof with our family. However, I will share with you the man who filled in the gap to show me and keep me on the right path. I feel lead to share this story, because I know that there are so many poor, may be divorced, single mothers and their sons who need an example of what is possible. The man, Tecumseh Earnest Adams, my grandfather (I will share more about him later). I struggled with the thought of “Come walk with me”.

Here’s my dilemma, am I asking you the reader to walk with me “or” Did God ask me (Odell) to come walk with him? Am, I telling you my story or is God telling his story through me? At this time, I can honestly confess that I do not know, however what I do know is that this story has been an incredible “faith walk”. Let me warn you that this walk will allow you to exercise your personal faith. After you have finished the story, I invite you to share your thoughts with me. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future – let’s begin walking.

This book was in the making for many years. I always wanted to tell my families story in my own words. I went on a business trip to South Carolina and when I returned — I was moved to just start posting the details of the trip on my facebook page. I also emailed some of my family members the story (see story below that I named “A very interesting business trip”). After reading the email/letter my oldest sister emailed me back and asked me “If” I was going to write a book — I said yes, however I ended up writing Pracademics (a academic book) with a friend and did not write my personal story.

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