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by Terry Watson | September 15th, 2020
Cory L Walker

Cory L Walker

According to Cory Walker, who is also affectionately known as Cory The Coach, the definition of a fulfilled life must include humility and service to others. He is an innovator and prides himself on being a daring risk taker.

“I have been first in a lot of things in my life, now I am learning to finish strong,” he shares. “My life’s works are about service and empowerment to many. There are a lot of people whom I have been fortunate enough to help realize their true potential and thrive both personally and in business.”

The Arkansas native, who also lived in Georgia and in Texas, has committed his life to service. Being firmly planted on a foundation of integrity, Cory describes himself as a man of his word who goes above and beyond to help people win. He is a believer, a loving husband, father, entertainer, and serial entrepreneur who does not mind telling you the truth.

Public speaking and training are two of his specialties, but he is impressively multi-talented and a critical thinker. He is certified in DISC Communication & Behavior Styles and in the Motivators Models. “Training is like a ministry to me. The feeling is amazing when I take the floor and begin to speak. It’s beyond me how people’s lives are literally being changed while I am presenting,” he says.

Cory has also been blessed with the ability to think forward. “I’m an innovator. I have been blessed with an incredible gift to make things better, and seemingly, to operate in the future,” he says. In 2001, he created Arkansas’ first online business directory, ( Its purpose was to give people …access to information for personal, business, entertainment, and worship needs. From any location in the state, users could find what they were looking for with the click of a mouse.

Today, Cory is the owner and face of Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC. His company is a unique business solutions provider domiciled in Arkansas, providing services to small and medium size businesses nationwide. “We are a one-stop solutions shop for making the right things happen and getting results that create opportunities for success. I have an amazing team that does outstanding work. Even better, the services we provide are customizable and affordable,” he says.

Currently, Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC is well underway in its peak season of employee benefits enrollment. They are simultaneously targeting minority owned business for management consulting, employee development and training, beginning in early Spring of 2021.

Cory shares that he believes a significant number of minority-owned/operated businesses stunt their growth because they are not prepared for growth. “Running a business entails more than just selling products and services. It entails operations management, excellent customer service, and quality control. A company’s management and staff must operate in tandem to achieve peak performance and perpetual success.”

Cory’s journey as a ‘serious’ entrepreneur began in 2004, out of necessity. “I was hungry for more. I was college educated, broke, and fresh out of a job.. Ironically, the answer to my prayers came in the form of a business opportunity in October. I had to borrow $149 investment amount to get started. I had no idea I was beginning a transformation journey that would change the rest of my life,” says Cory.

As a platform to add value to his business in pursuit of expanding his target market, Cory began developing a membership platform for small businesses in 2008. It never really got off the ground, but he shares it was a cool concept that eventually lead to other opportunities. In 2013, he began selling life insurance on a part-time basis.

After relocating home to Arkansas from Texas, he began hosting networking events for professionals and entrepreneurs under the title of IBO (Independent Business Owner) Partners. That happened while working full time as a professional development trainer, and still selling life insurance. In that experience, he says he discovered a void that needed to be filled; small and medium sized businesses were lacking access to training and services that could help to protect and grow them. In December of 2017, he ‘accidentally’ pre-launched Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC. Though the business is fully operational and attracting new clients, the official launch event for PSG and the Southern MinorityBiz Network will take place on January 4, 2021. “This is significant because we are beating the odds for most newly established businesses,” he says.

Some of the services offered by Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC are Professional Development and Leadership Training, Small Business Consulting, Voluntary Group Benefits, (Arkansas and Texas – Tennessee pending), access to Telemedicine, LegalShield Group Benefits and ID Shield Group Benefits (Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma), Certified Business and Life Coaching, Freight/LTL Management, Bookkeeping & Taxes (Arkansas only), Notary Public (Arkansas only), and COVID-19 Response (South Region, Midwest, East Coast).

Just as any other business, Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the quarantine presented an opportunity for Cory to position the company as a valuable resource. “So many times, I have been ahead of the market, and here I am once again, doing the future now. This time around I am better prepared to handle the demands and obstacles of introducing a unique, multifaced business platform to the market. With a portion of my target market attempting to recover, there is plenty of opportunity for us to serve businesses that need our help. However, the ability to provide individuals and families access to many of the same services is currently playing a major part in creating stability,” Cory says.

For anything to be successful, authenticity and love must be involved. Cory has them both. “I love the feeling I get from being able to design and create solutions through consulting. It’s an amazing feeling to help someone find the right path for themselves and show them how to pursue their goals in a time and cost-effective manner. We are helping both entrepreneurs and professionals on various levels with various services and resources that meet their needs. It’s rewarding and exciting to think, we are just beginning to make noise in the market.”

Cory is mostly inspired by his parents, Houston and Mildred Walker. He says they weren’t business professionals, but had a natural ability for conducting business. “Even in their struggles, they produced what we needed and still managed to help a lot of people in the College Station (AR) community, and beyond. Even though they are with the Lord, thinking about their accomplishments through all of their personal challenges, continue to drive me. Because I have a sincere appreciation for their drive and ambition, I am equipped to inspire others as I pursue my passion to serve and achieve success on various levels of human endeavor,” he says. “I love my parents and cherish my memories of them. They were the world’s greatest,” he says.

Cory offers some advice for others who may follow in his footsteps and are planning to start a business. “You must pray and believe. Determine who you are. Love who you are. Decide what you want to do and do it no matter how many times you have to start over. Focus on your passion and let the haters and nay-sayers help fuel your fire. Don’t act like a boss – be the boss. Be humble, grateful, and serve others. Moreover, you must invest your time and money in not just your business, but into your personal growth and protection. Network and meet new people. Seek out a mentor. Do not limit your thinking and know when to let go of things that hinder you. Fight to fulfill your purpose and for the things you truly desire.”

Cory is excited and optimistic about the future for himself and for his business. Presently, PSG is in the process of pre-launching the Southern MinorityBiz Network, powered by Pinnacle Solutions Group, beginning October 1, 2020. “I am expecting this network to spread across the state of Arkansas fairly quickly and with fanfare. While there is no cost to be a part of the social media group, there is a paid membership that will give minority entrepreneurs access to free and discounted services, resources, training, and referral opportunities. There will also be a chance to have some serious networking fun, with all roads leading to January 04, 2021,” he says. Along with the network, they will continue to provide services that make a difference for all small and medium size businesses. “Lastly, I will continue to speak and train, while pursing growth and success as a business leader and CEO of Pinnacle Solutions Group LLC,” he says.

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