Council Cleaning Service

by Terry Watson | February 10th, 2011
Council Cleaning Service

Marcus Council (far right) and the staff of Council Cleaning Service

What separates Council Cleaning Service from other cleaning services? Owner Marcus Council says it is the level of commitment he provides to each client and his dedication to giving his very best at all costs. He says his company prides itself in taking the extra steps necessary to get the job done to his customers’ satisfaction.

The Greensboro native graduated from Page High School and is a member of Genesis Baptist Church. Council says he thanks God each day for what He has given him as well as the blessings that he has yet to receive. God’s gifts include a business that has serviced the Triad for 20 years. After being laid off from American Express Distribution Center, Council says he gathered his things, swallowed his pride and moved backed home with his dad. “I used money from my severance package and purchased the cleaning supplies, two vacuum cleaners and a floor buffer, to start my cleaning business.” Then, he adds, he headed out and drove around town, knocking on doors and passing out business cards.

Council says, initially simply finding clients willing to give his new company a chance was a challenge. He also found challenges as he bid for jobs against other companies who had more resources and experience. He survived and prevailed, Council states, through these challenging times by exercising perseverance. “Being a small business owner, things may come a little slower. But I learned that by staying focused opportunities will arise,” says Council. His father, Nathaniel Council, has greatly influenced and impacted the overall success of Council Cleaning Service. “He has been a great help with his old school approach. His influence made me rethink some situations, especially when things didn’t turnout the way I expected them to.” Council says his father often gave him advice on finding alternative ways to get difficult jobs done and encouraged him to never quit.
According to Council, being a business owner has its privileges. As he sets his goals into motion, he says he gets satisfaction by seeing them come to pass. Each client is a new experience. The excitement and satisfaction his clients express is what Council declares makes his job worthwhile. Referrals, he says is the backbone of his business. “I have learned that one happy and satisfied customer will definitely tell someone else.”

Currently, the services provided by Council Cleaning Service include janitorial, general clearings, striping, waxing, floor buffing, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood refurbish, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, floor damage repair and water
extraction. Council Cleaning Service employs a staff of three part-time employees who specialize in carpet cleaning and janitorial cleaning services and one full time technician.

In the future Council says he plans to continue to build a strong business base that reaches beyond the Triad. He also plans to add more vehicles and employees to accommodate his work load. As he strives to make his company a household name, he wants to position the Council Cleaning Service brand as a viable and reliable business among elite cleaning service providers.

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