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by Tonya Dixon | July 15th, 2015

Creative PicThe mental health industry and all of its subsidiaries and divisions is often difficult and stressful to navigate. Laws, rules and regulations are constantly changing, upgrading and downgrading, merging and even being eliminated across state and federal levels. It’s no wonder many parents, caretakers and mental services clients find it hard to qualify for, utilize and secure available resources.

Creative Management Source, Inc. has the knowledge, education, experience and complete service options to help improve and light the pathway for individuals that have mental health and/or developmental delays or disabilities. Since 2005, the company has served Greensboro and surrounding area adults, 18 years and older “who have serious emotional disturbances, mental illness or dual diagnosis.” The company is licensed with the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services and the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation, and is accredited by The Council on Quality and Leadership. In addition, the company is fully insured and maintains all required first aid certifications including blood borne pathogens and therapeutic holds.

Program Director, Barbara Hendrix, along with agency director, Erika Hendrix, and business and human resources director, Kimberly Perkins, run a tight, effective ship. The partners bring decades of experience and knowledge to the thriving business. All three have worked tirelessly within different aspects of the mental health and social work field. The passion they have for the industry and especially the people that fall within the category of mental health is evidenced by their determination to go above and beyond the call of duty and scope of their job descriptions all for the sake of clients who so desperately need them as advocates.

In fact, an advocate is exactly what Barbara, Erika and Kimberly consider themselves. “We definitely advocate for parents and patients. We help them with who, what, when, where, how and what to do next,” Barbara says. “We have something to offer to a student in the occupational course of studies. The transition takes place here and if we can’t offer what they need we can direct them to those who can. We will find some type of resource. It’s just in us to do it.”

As former case manager and mental health professionals, the group recognizes it takes a hands-on, approach and familiarity to successfully deliver superb service to a community of people that are often overlooked and underrepresented. Creative Management Source offers a wide range of services to clients. One of the most important services is being able to connect with parents and caretakers once the client has emerged from high school or another structured program with a diploma or certificate, which is certainly honorable, yet does not qualify for college entry.

When caretakers are unsure of the next step, the staff of Creative Management Source can simply step in and help lead the way. Many programs are offered such as adult development, day support, psychosocial and vocation. Through teaching independent living skills and money management as well as educational, vocational and social skills, clients are able and prepared to function as productive citizens.

At the agency’s facility, which can accommodate up to 50, clients are given instruction based on their individual needs and learning abilities. There are daily, specific activities that teach activities such as simple cooking techniques (for those who are mentally capable of handling such tasks), mock retail situations and scenarios that teach real world circumstances with money handling as well as social interaction. Programs are designed to help individuals taking prepatory classes towards a GED. The continuation or development of various therapy plans can also be integrated in a client’s individualized treatment strategy. Daily general hygiene is a staple skill set that is constantly and repetitiously being taught to clients. Additionally, dental and vision care may also be coordinated. The premise is that once basic, physical needs are met and sufficiently accounted for, then Creative Management takes clients to the next step of developing and meeting simple goals. For many of the clients, Creative Management Source becomes a home away from home and an opportunity to explore and develop. Productivity in some capacity (however limited it may be) is the best possible outcome.
Erika makes it clear that a great deal of the learning experience is accomplished throughout the community. “We try to expose our individuals. We are unique in that we don’t sit them in [our] building all day. We get them out because in a real life situation no one sits in a building all day. There are people they interact with, different environments and settings. It enables them to develop and articulate their likes and dislikes. They get to see and meet new people. At times we have to help them with social skills and communication cues, but it’s all a part of the learning process.”

Clients are routinely taken to places such as the library, the YMCA, restaurants and other public facilities. For more work training opportunities the agency has coordinated with other social agencies such as The Servant Center, Out of the Garden and Meals on Wheels. Volunteering and skill training is significantly importantly to the growth and maturation of mentally delayed and disabled individuals.

“The stigma that people who have traumatic brain injury or other mental delays cannot function in our society, culture or world is not true,” Barbara adds. “If they have the right program they can be productive, albeit sometimes with limitations. Erika adds, “Everybody can learn something. It may not be on the level as others, but everybody can learn. We just help them identify what that is.”

Each month the agency has “client week”, in which the client can choose what they would like to do (within reason) and work on. The requests they receive are often varied and even sometimes outlandish, but it only shows that many of the individuals are growing and developing and recognizing the options available to them.

The road to developing the business has not always been easy, but a sincere trust and belief that God would pave the way as well as hard work, determination, and simply a desire to see others prosper has been the key to 10 years of success. Creative Management Source firmly believes in focusing on the person, rather than the disability, which makes them one of the best and most dedicated agencies in the area. The staff truly believes in increasing the quality of life, providing a sense of normality and developing individuals. “We want them to be as normal as possible within their world,” Kimberly says.

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