Cristelle Brown

by Terry Watson | November 14th, 2018
Cristelle Brown (Photos by Cristelle Brown)

Cristelle Brown (Photos by Cristelle Brown)

Richmond, VA resident Cristelle Brown is an advocate for mentoring in all capacities. She takes pride in nurturing and supporting the brilliant minds of those in underrepresented communities.

Cristelle is also a person of kindness and optimism who finds joy in seeing a smile on the face of others. “It costs you nothing to be kind. I take pride in loving those close to me just a little bit harder each day and being kind to those I happen to cross paths with. I also take pride in serving as a vision of hope for those around me. I make a point to find the good in every situation. I believe there’s always a silver lining and a lesson to learn,” she says.

Cristelle is the voice and energy behind C. Brown Career Coaching. The products and services offered by C. Brown Career Coaching are designed to build up and prepare their clients for greatness. Many of these services include resume writing and editing, personal statement consultation, interview coaching, mobile notary services, workshop facilitation and more.

As an undergraduate student, Cristelle says friends and colleagues would always seek her for assistance with their resumes, cover letters, and ongoing job hunts. “I enjoyed helping them feel more confident about how they presented themselves to potential employers,’” she says. After graduating, the requests continued to come in, so she decided to do some research on what a career coaching business may look like. She found that there was a need for affordable career coaching services within and outside of her immediate community. “During the summer of 2016, I jumped at the opportunity to fill that void. By doing so, I’ve been able to work with clients of all professional backgrounds from across the country. It was the best decision I could have ever made.”

Her experiences in higher education and nonprofit management have provided Cristelle with a unique set of skills and interests. She’s had the pleasure of helping her clients develop career plans and accomplish both short- and long-term goals. “I take pride in knowing that I played a part in making them feel more confident as they took the next step in their journeys,” she says.

Cristelle’s life has been shaped in large part by the influence of her mother. “She has been the only constant I’ve had as I learned to navigate this crazy world. Without her, I don’t know where I’d be.,” says Cristelle. She also gives a lot of credit to Roderick Dadzie and Kelli Lemon, supervisors from position(s) she held with the New Student Orientation Program at her undergraduate alma mater. “They put me in positions that allowed me to grow as a leader, and those experiences have essentially molded me into the professional that I am today.”

In the future, Cristelle plans to grow her business to serve more professionals nationwide. By the end of 2019, she hopes to have an established clientele in all 50 states. “I’m always accepting new clients and look forward to exploring the endless possibilities that await them,” she says. To learn more about what Cristelle and C. Brown Career Coaching has to offer, please contact them by phone, or visit their website

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