Crunk Cardio Live with Shauna Marie

by Terry Watson | September 18th, 2017
Shauna Marie

Shauna Marie

Crunk Cardio LIVE with Shauna Marie is the expression of GOD through arts. Shauna Marie has coupled her gift of dance and anointing to teach and motivate with the power of GOD. Her mission is to take the ‘work’ out of the workout and give everyone across the nation an outrageously fun way to take care of their temple [body] given by God.

Shauna Marie is a GOD lover, trailblazer, trendsetter, and survivor. She has overcome domestic violence from a parent, rejection, abandonment, homelessness, date rape, suicide, depression, and failure. Yet, she devotes her life showing others who may face similar challenges, that there is a way out.

It would be accurate to say that Marie wears many hats. She is a mother to a 13-year-old boy, motivational speaker, and life coach to many others. She is also an author and volunteers as the praise team ministry leader and graphic designer at her church. Still she finds time to do more.

She employs her graphic designing and consulting skills with Unlimited Vizionz. And then there’s BFLY, an urban clothing company that allows her to express her inner spunkness. She gives and pours into other women through Christian Girlz Rock, a non-profit organization she founded, whose focus is to empower women. Then there is Crunk Cardio.

“My mother told me that I was literally dancing in her womb,” says Marie. Dance has always been imprinted in her spirit. As a teenager in high school, she was paid to choreograph dance, cheer, praise dance, and pageant routines. While attending Claflin University, she cheered and choreographed the winning cheer competition routines from 1995-1998, and created Clafliin Universities first dance team, the Panther Dolls.

“Initially, my parents were not supportive of me pursuing my dance dreams. They suggested I choose a more stable career like a school teacher. In 2003, I followed their advice and began teaching high school biology, but soon realized my happiness did not reside in someone else’s idea of a good career for me,” she said. “I remember being miserable. I loved the kids but I hated feeling like there was a hole in my heart and purpose that wasn’t being fulfilled. So, in 2004 I decided to quit teaching and pursue my journey as a dance teacher and professional dancer.”

She enrolled in Winthrop University as a full-time student while attempting to work a full-time job as a single parent. She was struggling financially and was sinking fast. God stepped in and showed out. In the middle of the semester, she received an invitation to audition for a local artist who was looking for tour dancers. She auditioned, got selected and went on tour with Frankie Beverly & Maze, Charlie Wilson & The Gap Band, Zapp, Cameo, Big Daddy Kane, Shirley Caesar, Byron Cage, Bruce Bruce , Lil Kim, and Montell Jordan. The hectic schedule ultimately caused her to drop out of Winthrop. Even though Shauna was not getting paid to do so, she decided to dance full time. “You have to start somewhere. I kept believing that something would happen and after a couple of months I began to get paid,” she says. On June 6, 2005, she opened her first dance studio and Crunk Cardio LIVE with Shauna Marie was born.

The addictive Crunk experience is a non-stop, 60-minute, dance party with a live DJ spinning all of the hottest songs, accompanied by Shauna Marie dancing and motivating everyone with her infectious energy. If someone wants to lose weight, get ready to burn over 1000 calories in one hour, and lose (one -four) pounds every class. “If you can’t dance and have no rhythm, no worries. Getting Crunk doesn’t require dance experience and doesn’t consist of choreography or dance routines. It’s truly a party and all you have to do is throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care,” says Marie.

Crunk Cardio gives people a makeover from the inside-out. It shapes the mind, body, and spirit. How? “Our dance is our worship and our praise. In the bible, David danced to bring the ark of the covenant back to the city of David. Miriam lead women to dance in victory after the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. There is power in dance that ushers in the presence of GOD, and in HIS presence, we experience joy, love, peace, strength, deliverance, healing, and victory. Everything we need,” she says.

Motivating and empowering people is the driving force of Crunk Cardio. There is nothing like helping people pursue their dreams and accomplishing their goals. It’s one thing to buy someone food to eat Marie says, but when you teach them how to cook, they will never go hungry. “Our gifts are to serve others”.

As rough as her journey has been, Marie wouldn’t change one experience. Everything has been God ordained and taught her something while making her a stronger individual. Currently she is seeking instructors across the nation to get Crunk certified. By doing so she will be able to offer Crunk Cardio classes in more places. Her 3rd and 4th DVD project is in motion, and she is looking forward to helping others live a more healthy and positive life and get Crunk!

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