Crystal Burch

by Terry Watson | September 18th, 2017
Crystal Burch (Photos by Todd Youngblood)

Crystal Burch (Photos by Todd Youngblood)

When Crystal Burch was around nine years old, she started braiding her family members’ hair. It was nothing too serious or sophisticated, but more so just practice. Little did she know those practice sessions would grow into a full-time career for her as a professional hair stylist.

After Burch graduated from high school, she enrolled as a student at a local beauty college. Initially, school didn’t go very well and in just three months she quit and started working full-time within the dining facilities at a nursing home. As fate would have it, things didn’t work out there and life would point her back to the hair industry. A family friend, Shandy Massey- Cureton, who is a hair stylist and salon owner was in need of an assistant, and eventually reached out to Burch. The lessons and experience she gained from Cureton were priceless, many of which she continues to practice today. Cureton also encouraged her to go back to beauty school and make some “real” money, not just the “shampoo” money. In 2009 she did so by enrolling at the Hair Styling Institute in Charlotte.

“I loved that school. I was in it to win it. They taught me cosmetology and barbering and were very instrumental in helping to prepare me for the real world of cosmetology. I was also able to learn how to style multiple textures of hair from different cultures,” says Burch. Before graduating, the owner Nicholas Melissaris took her along with other students with him on a trip to Rome, Italy to study. This experience exposed her to internationally accomplished hair stylists and their techniques.

From there, Burch received her cosmetology license and opened her own salon. Soon after she started working as a hair loss specialist and became a member of the American Hair Loss Council (AHLC) working with Eloise Ferguson, who had a huge influence on her career as well. Burchs’ affiliations and training allows her to treat clients who may suffer from hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment. She also offers integrated hair replacement systems such as Cranal Medical Prosthesis, a common technological method in hair loss replacement that is custom made and expertly fitted to meet the needs of each client.

What Burch says she loves most about her career is the independence it provides. “I am able to call my own shots and make my own schedule. It didn’t make much sense for me to work for someone else and help make their dreams a reality, when I could work for myself and do the same for me.”
Moving forward, Burch hopes to expand her business by opening additional locations. Due to her services being unique and very specific, she hopes to eventually reach others who are seeking alternative methods to treat hair loss. “The sky is the limit and it’s up to me to what I make of it,” she says.

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