Crystal Eatman

Ayana Bryant | May 21st, 2021
Crystal Eatman

Crystal Eatman

Most people don’t have the courage or strength to walk by faith and leave the security of a good-paying job to follow their dreams. Crystal Eatman isn’t one of those people, a native of Chicago, Illinois, and an all-around #GirlBoss she is solidifying her path to success.

After working in Corporate America for the last 16 years and serving in multiple roles around the healthcare industry including Assistant Director of a pediatric clinic as well as running the ER (Emergency Room) for one of Chicago’s top hospitals, Eatman decided to step away and retire. At the start of the pandemic like many others, Eatman contracted COVID-19. She suffered for a while going in and out of the hospital trying to regain her health. During this terrifying time while battling a deadly virus Eatman says that she realized something.

“When I became extremely sick, never once did anyone from my job ever call to check on me or my children, not so much as a get well soon card. I realized that I was just a number to that company. If I would have lost my life to COVID, my position would have been posted to the bulletin to be filled the next day,” says Eatman. She knew that if anything were to happen to her that her children would have been the ones to suffer most, receiving only a cap of the pension that she had been paying for years. That experience was an awakening for her and helped her to realize that she wanted to be in control of how much money she made and handle her business on her own.

Eatman is a self-made businesswoman owning not one but two businesses in the Chicago area. She holds a general contracting license and has since started her own construction company CCE Enterprises LLC. Majestic Transportation Corporation, her second business, is a non-emergency fleet of vehicles that transports patients to and from their doctors and dialysis appointments. The construction company specializes in painting and installing drywall for commercial properties and is a signatory to the union. The transportation company initially started with only one vehicle and in a year her fleet has grown to 15 vehicles and an ambulance.

The construction company was initially started to employ Eatman’s oldest son who had been previously incarcerated. As a mother, it was difficult for her to allow her son to have doors closed in his face for the rest of his life due to one mistake. She made it her mission to create a table of her own for her family so that they would never be denied opportunities to provide for themselves. “That was really big for me, like I said I am a mother of four boys. So, this was something I knew I had to do to make a way and to create a legacy for them,” she says.

Something that she values and stresses to people is the importance and significance of pursuing trades. As we know college isn’t for everyone and Eatman believes that schools should encourage more students to pursue the trade industry. There are other lucrative ways for individuals to support themselves rather than working for fast food chains and miscellaneous jobs. “You can climb the ladder at Mcdonald’s but how much does a manager make annually? Working in these trades and being a signatory to the union, you’re making $46 an hour with benefits and that’s something that I’ve always had my eye on,” says Eatman.

Pouring into others is where Eatman finds inspiration to continue moving forward. She enjoys helping others create opportunities for themselves as she has done for herself. She describes herself as being a people pusher, “I’ve helped so many of my friends start businesses. No one can tell me what they can’t do because I’m going to find a way to make it happen by any means necessary,” she shares. Understanding that she has the potential to do those things and seeing the impacts of helping others is where she finds her motivation.

Majestic Transportation Corporation is on its way to becoming the first Black woman-owned ambulance company in the state of Illinois. Eatman is also working to make sure that CCE Enterprises becomes the top contracting business in the state. Her plans for the future also include expanding both businesses beyond the Chicago area and into different regions. She is also currently looking into starting an apprenticeship program to create jobs and opportunities for communities of color within the trade industry. Make no mistake about it, Eatman is a woman full of finesse! Building black-owned businesses to support her family as well as the community she lives in.

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