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by Terry Watson | September 18th, 2017
Monique Richardson and daughter

Monique Richardson and daughter

Cupcakes by Mo is proof that with God, all things are possible. The date was July 19th, 2014 and Monique Richardson threw her mom a birthday party. She wanted everything to be perfect. She had baked all of the desserts, all of which were a huge hit with everyone in attendance. After the party, requests came pouring in for her cakes, so many that Monique was barely able to keep up with the demand. The requests continued for a long time and prompted her to turn her new found passion into a small business. She did and has been baking ever since.

Over the past three years, Cupcakes by Mo has expanded its product offerings to more than just cupcakes. They now have Cake Jarz, Chocolate covered Berries, Fruit Arrangements, Brownies, Pudding, Custom Cakes, Rice Krispy Treats, Wedding Cakes, Brownies, Cheesecake, Cobblers, Ice Cream products, and more.

Their mission is simple ― to put a smile on your face and satisfy your sweet tooth, one bite at a time. “Our products are geared towards people who love sweets and aren’t afraid to try new things,” says Monique. “I love the fact that I am in a position to make people happy. My goal is to exceed all of my customers’ expectations.”

Monique is a single mother, college graduate, and entrepreneur. She is also a proud member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church where Bishop Joseph W. Walker is the pastor. She grew up in East Nashville with her mother and two younger siblings. She was the model student who never missed a day of school in her entire life. “Growing up I’ve always envisioned myself as a business woman. Back then I didn’t really know what it would entail. I just wanted to wear a business suit, carry a brief case, wear high heels, and make a lot of money,” she said. She is also a very quiet and reserved person who loves to read business, marketing, and self-help books. “I think knowledge is power.” Monique also has a passion for helping others, especially single mothers. Earlier this year she started a non-profit organization, Single Moms Club of Nashville with a focus to help, empower, and uplift single mothers in the Nashville area.

Cupcakes by Mo is a one woman show. Monique does everything herself, including marketing, website development, customer service, answers all emails and order request, bakes, and decorates. She does this all while working a full time job. She works so hard because she is determined to provide a better lifestyle for herself and daughter. Her discipline and work ethics are inherently natural. Her mother is a go-getter and taught her how to be independent and self-sufficient.

Monique is also inspired by Mignon Francois, owner of The Cupcake Collection, a cupcake shop in Nashville. “From the day we met, she was sweet and very supportive of my dreams. Because of her I know it’s possible to be successful and thrive in this industry.”

Monique likes the way things are headed with Cupcakes by Mo, and says she wouldn’t change anything but would like to add more to the business. In the future she plans to open a store front and work solely for herself and daughter. If you are in the Nashville area, be sure to contact Monique and enjoy her delicious sweets and treats!

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