Curtis Lyons

by Terry Watson | May 17th, 2017
Curtis Lyons (Photos by Jerry Barbry)

Curtis Lyons (Photos by Jerry Barbry)

As hectic as life can be for some to get as much accomplished in a 24 hour day, the constant traverse is time and learning how to get the most out of it. Curtis Lyons, a Durham resident and Horologists adopted a craft for timekeeping and spends many days building, repairing and restoring timepieces.

He was brought up in the country and was always interested in wheels, gears and anything that stored power. The 7th child of 11, of which also had two other adopted boys, Lyons says he knew he was different from all the rest of his siblings. “I wanted change,” he says. He attended Roxboro High School before it was integrated. After high school he attended college. The name of North Carolina Central University had just been change from North Carolina College, and in the fall semester of 1969-1970, he enrolled.

“I probably would not have gone to college had it not been for the counselors who pushed me to do so. I had a busy working career, yet all of the time, my interest in clocks grew,” says Lyons.

Lyons says he was introduced to the craft of Horology by a representative for Ridgeway Clock Company. He would go all around North Carolina, fixing Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks. As he was amazed from these encounters, Lyons says his interest grew as well. “I enjoyed breathing life into something mechanical and making things tick and finding reasons why a clock stops. I was also intrigued at how a gear meshing with another gear can control power,” he says.

He learned about The National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, a school that teaches others how to fix clocks. He inquired and was invited to visit the school in Columbia, Pennsylvania. “I liked what they were doing and went downstairs and signed up 1999,” he says.

He is inspired by Arthur Finn (Dr. Clock), an instructor from clock school. He would bring Lyon into his clock shop and go over everything before each class. He always made sure he noticed and understood any problem with a clock. Lyons says he valued Finn’s insight and the relationship that lasted for 10 years, even after school was over.

When Lyons isn’t working his craft, he attends Old Mt. Zion Baptist Church and studies under Pastor Clyde Glass. He also sings with the Male Chorus and serves as an assistant treasure for the Usher Board. If you are in need of his services please call him and learn more about his services.

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