Cutting Edge Semi Pros

by Terry Watson | November 11th, 2011
Cutting Edge Semi Pros

Cutting Edge Semi Pros (Photo by Mike Cheek)

Three Students from Durham’s ParkWest Barber School were selected to join the elite group, Cutting Edge Semi Pros. Walter Hargrove, Princess Alston and Lisa Daggs are the latest to be selected into the group that currently consist of only 11 elite members.

Cutting Edge Semi Pros was started by Michael Cheek in September 2010. He is currently the director of education at Park West Barber School, and he says the group adds a great deal of prestige to being a student barber. Cheek says he chose the title “semi pro” because the members are students and not professionals, therefore they are semi. “The candidate must possess great barber skills, attitude, attendance, professionalism, desire, drive and most of all great work ethic on the practical floor as well as in the classroom.” The Semi Pros are available to participate in seminars, hair competitions, barber theory tutoring, practical assistance to other students and travel to other barber and cosmetology schools speaking on the profession.

“This is a program I’m really proud to be a part of” said Cheek. Our past student members did a really outstanding job during their stay at Park West. Cheek hopes this will be a mainstay program, other students will step up to the challenge, be assertive, a model student and more importantly, a solid professional.

Already a licensed cosmetology instructor, Ms. Lisa Daggs decided she wanted to add barbering to her resume. Lisa is a very good student and shows a great desire to become a success in the industry. Hoping to one day own her own shop, she also has aspirations of becoming a barber instructor as well.

Recognized as one of the top barbers in the class, Princess Alston has all the tools necessary to make anyone take notice. Already a design specialist, she has her sights set on becoming a platform artist. She is certainly on her way to stardom. Congrats and welcome to the Semi Pros Ms. Alston.

Loss of jobs and a failing economy prompted Walter Hargrove to enroll at Park West. A serious man with a desire to go get it, he showed us immediately his abilities as a barber. Walter has great barber skills but it was his leadership skills that caused everyone to take notice.

Mentoring the younger students and leading by example was a tremendous contribution to everyone. He hopes to be a shop owner and become an instructor some day.

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