Cynthia Reynolds of Cyntsational Designs

by Terry Watson | July 17th, 2019
Cynthia Reynolds

Cynthia Reynolds

When examining the garments Cynthia Reynolds creates, one would be led to believe that she has magic in her fingers. That would be an accurate assessment. She is the creative designer and face of Cyntsational Designs, a custom clothing and garment design company.

Cynthia is a mother, sister, auntie, cousin, and friend. Her life has had its share of ups and downs, yet she has maintained and persevered through them all. Most importantly, she is a God-fearing woman who and true testament of someone who exercises their faith to its fullest capacity. “I inspire, challenge, and motivate myself to go above and beyond my own expectations. I believe there are no limits to what I can accomplish and I’m always eager to learn more about myself and my craft,” she says.

“Cyntsational Designs is a form of art that I design and create through sewing. It is not only my brand, it’s also my love and passion and something that allows me to feel honored and humbled. I’ve been sewing since the age of 18 and have always known this was what I wanted to do. I’m extremely blessed to be able to express my thoughts and ideas in the form of clothing and other items,” Cynthia says. “Every piece is meticulously thought, planned, and executed with compassion.”

She has always had the desire to sew and been equally creative with both design and home interiors. Her business began in Charlotte North Carolina, amidst her divorce. While she drudged through her thoughts of single parenting and isolation, a very dear friend suggested that she find something that she liked to do to occupy her time. She also needed to do something that would generate an income.

“I decided to design and create my daughter a dress to wear for Easter. From that design my younger sister also wanted different pieces made and would eventually become a constant source of encouragement for me. My confidence grew as well as the desire to do more,” she shares.

While others admired her sister’s pieces, more work and opportunities began to pour in. What began as pleasure and a hobby became the birth of her business.
Today, Cynthia’s product line includes custom church usher uniforms, women’s dresses, After 5 attire, formal wear, infants and toddlers wear, little girls formal wear and Easter designs. She also produces prom gowns, bridal gowns, wedding party gowns and dresses, suits, garment bags, handbags, and more, and she is constantly evolving and learning new ways of how to expand and improve her brand.

For weddings she can service the bride and her wedding party, even on the day of wedding, providing any last-minute alterations and making certain everything is perfect. She will also travel to different states for fittings and consultations.

For her business to thrive, Cynthia knew she would have to pour her heart into it. “My drive, motivation and determination are immeasurable. I love the fact that my business allows me to envision art in the form of sewing and then take that vision and create beautiful and unique pieces. It has also given me the opportunity to meet many people from different walks of life. I’m ecstatic when someone shares their vision of what they want, and I can bring their vision to life. The feeling is overwhelming. “I am also grateful for the flexibility my business provides to be there for my children and grandchild. I have an 18-year-old daughter teaching her to always have a plan and to pursue your passions is very important to me. I advise her to never give up despite life’s obstacles,” she said.

The life of an entrepreneur can often present its own set of challenges. For Cynthia one was finding ways to manufacturer the usher uniforms she creates. Another one was having the financial means to operate. “I remain confident, knowing the results will be rewarding,” she says.

Moving forward, Cynthia plans to continue to improve her craft. She also hopes to launch her own clothing line and possibly become a celebrity designer.

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