Danielle Bertrand – Girl, It’s Go Time!

by Terry Watson | September 15th, 2020
Danielle Bertrand (Crowned Photography)

Danielle Bertrand (Crowned Photography)

Danielle Bertrand is a native of Baton Rouge, LA, but now resides with her husband, Lance in Dallas, TX. “I am the daughter of the King of Kings. I know my purpose is to manifest Heaven on Earth,” she says.

She is also the daughter of Kelvin and Sharon Duncan. Danielle graduated from Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge and earned her B.A. in Business Management with a concentration in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from Southeastern Louisiana University. Additionally, she earned her Master’s in the Art of Teaching from Grand Canyon University and is a certified business educator in the states of Louisiana and Texas. She has served as a high school teacher for seven years, teaching various business courses. Yet, Danielle’s most impressive feat is having authored and being the founder of “Girl, It’s Go Time”.

The purpose of the book Danielle says is to empower women to get off the sideline and pursue their dreams boldly. The theme of the book is traveling from your current routine to the life you were designed to live. The business component for “Girl, It’s Go Time” serves as a platform that she uses to coach and speak. “This originally was just the title of my first book, but has now turned into a national brand,” she says.

Danielle shares that her writing journey began by journaling daily. “It was a release for me and a chance to get my thoughts down on paper. When the idea of writing a book came about, I rejected it. That is not what I wanted to do. However, the Holy Spirit continued to say that was my next assignment. I would start writing and then stop. This happened multiple times. One day, I asked God what my next assignment was? He said, “Finish the book”. At that point I knew what I had to do and got serious about completing the book. In July of 2019, it was published and available for purchase,” she says.

“Girl, It’s Go Time” is available in autographed paperback and digital download. The book also includes a 21 Day Devotional.

Danielle also serves as a start-up business coach for female entrepreneurs. While doing so she has merged her degree in business, her Master’s in teaching, and her relationship with God to give her clients a unique growth experience in their businesses. She shares, “I help my clients eliminate fear and create a strategy for success to win in the marketplace. Female entrepreneurs can connect with me through consultations, coaching sessions, and coaching packages and are invited to share more about their businesses and current struggles. I help them get clarity and provide guidance on what their next steps should be.”

As a speaker, Danielle makes herself available for conferences, brunches, virtual webinars, and more. She speaks on the topics of purpose, not settling, empowerment, business start-ups, and self-confidence. Even more, she designs inspirational apparel including t-shirts, masks, and mugs that encourage others to take their lives to the next level. All her products and services are available on her website.

Danielle has a genuine love for what she does. “I love helping female entrepreneurs win in the marketplace. Many women have amazing products and services, but they need a coach to help them position themselves for success. When the light goes off in my client’s head, I know that I am making a difference,” she says.

As a child of God, and a believer in His mighty works, Danielle says it has been her relationship with God that has impacted her life the most. “I was introduced to Christ at an early age, and through the years, that relationship has grown stronger. My mom always was praying over me and my brother, and now my husband leads us in prayer daily. My pastors have always guided me into a deeper relationship with God and have taught me how to use my words to manifest my future,” she says.

She finds inspiration in any woman who is living for Christ and making a positive impact on the marketplace. She describes these as women who have multiple businesses and acknowledge that it was God who got them to that place.

Danielle offers some sound advice to others who may follow in her footsteps “Stay the course. Every day might not look like you are winning. Perhaps, you might just be in training. Above everything else, be sure that you are being led by the Holy Spirit. When you have multiple ideas at once, instead of letting them overwhelm you, write them down and focus on one at a time. Give each idea six months of dedication. Once that is rolling, move on to the next idea. Remember to invest in yourself, and not just your business. You can accomplish this by taking courses, reading books, and utilizing the services of a coach. And try to and attend events. By doing these things, your value will increase overall,” she says.

Moving forward, has plans to increase the amount of clients that she coaches on a monthly basis, and do more speaking engagements. She also plans to expand “Girl, It’s Go Time”to become a household name. There are also plans for her to host a two-day, power packed conference. “The most important plan I have is to live my life as an example of what it means to say ‘yes’ to God when He says, “Girl, It’s Go Time.”

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