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by Tonya Dixon | March 11th, 2015
Dontay Mitchell and Deon Foulks (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Dontay Mitchell and Deon Foulks (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Within seven short months DCD Communications has opened four offices and has become the second largest DirecTV dealer on the East Coast. It’s an amazing feat and practically unheard of for such a young company.

DCD Communications is an independent, local dealer that primarily offers DirecTV cable packages to qualified customers, as well as Century Link, AT&T Uverse and Exceed internet services. With offices in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Thomasville, Charlotte and Fayetteville, DCD Communications has what it takes and does what it takes to please every customer. It’s no wonder they have a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Dontay Mitchell and Deon Foulks are the dynamic duo behind the flourishing company. Both Mitchell and Foulkes provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Mitchell is the self-proclaimed people person and has managed several successful businesses. Foulks’ excellent track record working for a DirecTV competitor attracted the attention of a DirecTV manager who was convinced Foulks would make a superb dealer. Both Mitchell and Foulks recognized the enormous opportunity and decided to launch the communications company.

Services are provided by expert, certified, qualified and trained technicians who have the knowledge to get the job done right the first time. Mitchell says anything the national provider offers, DCD can offer, with what he calls an added bonus.

“We are able to offer everything DirecTV is able to offer. They won’t give you anything more or less [than we can],” Mitchell says. “It’s just that with us if something happens we’re able to get to you a lot faster. You don’t have to go through the ropes. Normally, if you have a problem you will have to call a 1-800 number. You end up one place, and then they transfer you here and there. You don’t have to go through all of that with us. Additionally, you may discover you’re not getting fixed what you thought you were getting fixed. With us, you call our customer service department and we can get to you within 24 hours. I compare them (the national provider) to a large church. They don’t know you’re there, but they will take your money.”

DCD Communications promises to care for the customer from start to finish including sales to installation to addressing any equipment issues. Moreover, customers will enjoy the fact that they are dealing with a local customer service department that better understands any pertinent local issues.

DCD’s first month in operation netted nine sales, by the second month the company had 72 new sales and customers. Along with expert leadership, a tremendous product and excellent service, the company’s rapid growth is due in large part to Dwayne Crutchfield. A former director of sales for ADT, Crutchfield joined the DCD team and helped develop the company. He was a significant catalyst behind the company’s swift expansion. He’s currently the director of sales for all DCD offices and is surpassing company goals nearly as quickly as they can be set.

Although a great deal of DCD customers are residential, more and more commercial companies are recognizing the benefit of partnering with a local dealer. Not only that, but the company is actively seeking various businesses to partner with for showcases and advertising.

The possibilities are virtually limitless for DCD as well as potential clients. Mitchell says even if a customer cannot qualify for DirecTV services he knows the company can offer comparable services through its other providers. In addition, the company understands the local areas and which services will provide the best service geographically.

Moreover, DCD Communications is just as excited and interested in investing into the communities it serves. A native of Guilford County, Mitchell understands the need for jobs and job training. He believes by expanding DCD he is in turn expanding the potential job pool for the areas increasing unemployment population.

“We are always providing jobs. That’s money for rent, Christmas and mortgages. It’s just a way of giving back. So even though we are doing well as a company, we are also proving jobs for the community,” he says. “We want people to call us and ask for job opportunities. We are always looking for sales reps and technicians.”

The passion the company has for enabling a sustainable workforce is just as strong as the passion it has for growing a viable and contending business. DCD’s nature is to welcome, train and educate individuals who may have difficult or less than perfect backgrounds. Mitchell says they often consult with community workforce agencies and invite them to send their clients to be trained for various positions. Even during summer months, the company is dedicated to offering internships and part-time jobs in some capacity to high school and college students.

It’s safe to say DCD Communications is an exceptional company with an exceptional standard for its employees, as well as the communities it serves. As Mitchell puts it, “If employees are happy then you have a successful company.” Nevertheless, he knows that it takes the coming together of many different variables for success, including always putting God first. He says if God wasn’t in it, it wouldn’t work. It’s most certainly working, so much that the company has sights on tackling Atlanta, Ga. next for expansion. There’s only one thing Mitchell makes sure everyone knows and understands: calling local is always best, so instead of calling DirecTV, call DCD Communications.

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